[NFBWATlk] Looking for a few people

Kristina Colcock tishgifts at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 21:50:59 UTC 2020

Hello all,

So we at the Members at Large Chapter are double checking our email
lists so that everyone who wants to be on our mailing list is on our
mailing list. There are a couple of people who have attended a call,
but we don't have their email on our roster.
Understand that we do post most every electronic communication on our
listserv. However we want to make sure everyone gets the information
in the most convenient way possible. If you know this person's email
or if you are this person and wish to be added to our email list,
please contact me off list at Kris at colcock.com.

Hope you are all having agreat Sunday! Remember the following:
1. VOTE!
2. Register for the state convention. Registration deadline is October 23, 2020.
3. Send in your donation to the Members At Large Chapter and be
included in our Echo gen 4 drawing in December.
4. Vote!

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