[NFBWATlk] Drawing for the newest Echo Dot from Amazon

Kristina Colcock tishgifts at gmail.com
Sat Oct 17 03:22:37 UTC 2020

Hello All,

The Members at Large Chapter will be raising money from now to
December. Our biggest drive will be during our state convention. Since
convention will be virtual this year, we are running things just a bit
different. Below is the announcement for our chapter fund raiser. If
you have any questions, please ask.


October is Meet the Blind Month / Blindness Awareness month. We at the
NFBW Members at Large Chapter celebrate this month in a variety of
ways. Some of us go out and present a various function... OK, that was
BC (Before COVID), some of us post daily about what it is like to be
blind, some of us teach Braille awareness and some of us just make
sure we live our daily lives and practice "Living The Life We Want"!
Needless to say, advocacy work, public outreach and so forth take
money. We are experts at making that dollar stretch but we still need
a few so we may continue to extend our reach.

We are asking you, our family, friends, neighbors and colleagues, for
a small donation. Just $5 can help us dispel harmful myths about
blindness, reach a blind child's family, a blind college student, a
blind professional or a grandparent who is struggling with losing
their sight. As a "Thank You", for every $5 donation your name will be
placed into a drawing for an Echo Dot Smart Speaker. Most of us know
how eager Alexa is to help with making your life easier. She can play
games with you or your children. She can help set reminders to
exercise, go to appointments or take medications. She can look up
recipes, tell you about the weather or tune into podcasts and news
services. She can play your favorite music or even read books aloud!
She has even been known to help ensure your utility bills are paid on
time. With the right additional equipment she can help turn lights on
and off, detect breaking glass, the sound of a smoke alarm, control
your TV and your microwave. There are so many skills ranging from
making shopping lists to helping you stay in contact with family and
friends. The drawing for this fun device will be held at our December
chapter meeting. You do not need to attend the meeting to win. We wish
you would so we can hear the excitement in your voice as your name is

How to donate:
1. Send us money through Paypal!  Simply send your donation to
Payments at nfbw.org and place in the note field that this is a donation
for the Echo campaign so we know. You will receive a email that
confirms we have received your donation and how many times your name
has been placed into the drawing.

2. Send us a check, money order or cash to the PO Box in Seattle Wa.
The address is National Federation of the Blind of Washington, PO Box
2516, Seattle, WA 98111. Again, please be sure to let us know your
email and that the money is slated for the NFBW Members at Large
Chapter - Donation Echo Campaign

3. Do you know a member of the NFBW Members at Large Chapter? Get hold
of them, hand them the donation amount and your email address. They
will make sure your name is put into the drawing.

No matter how you send us your donation, it is important we have an
email contact so we can get hold of you to say "Thank You"!

Have questions? Contact the NFBW Members at Large Chapter member in
your life OR drop us an email. Thank you for your time and your

Kris Colcock
President, NFBW Members at Large Chapter
kris at colcock.com

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