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Arielle Silverman via nfbwatlk nfbwatlk at nfbnet.org
Mon May 26 20:11:30 UTC 2014

This discussion is quite interesting to me as a member of the younger
generation who didn't get involved with blindness organizations at all
until 2001. I agree wholeheartedly that both organizations must be
willing to respect each other and to work together on matters of
mutual interest to their memberships. However, unlike some of our
student members, I don't think we should go so far as to unite and
become one super-organization of the blind. This is because I think
blind folks should be able to choose between organizations in order to
find one that really speaks to them. If there is only one blindness
organization to join, blind folks who don't feel comfortable in that
group for whatever reason could end up left out. I think the benefits
to individual blind people of affiliating with an organization are
great enough that we should provide plenty of options for that. I
personally prefer the NFB, but I think that folks can still benefit
individually from being part of the ACB or local blindness groups
unaffiliated with any national organization. On a collective level,
however, I agree that we should try to work together or at least in
parallel alongside each other whenever we can. I also think that NFB
and ACB have more in common than they differ in terms of over-arching

I hope that makes sense.

On 5/26/14, Elizabeth Rene via nfbwatlk <nfbwatlk at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Dear Debbie, your points  are very well taken, and your analogy to religious
> difference is quite apt. We may worship with friends and loved ones from
> other faiths, but their churches are not our spiritual home.
> We have something in common besides blindness and the Nfb. I am descended
> from Lutheran and Catholic parents. I resolved that conflict by becoming an
> Episcopalian.
> I do so look forward to getting to know you and everyone else on this list,
> and am so glad to have finally joined the Nfb of Washington.
> Best regards,
> Elizabeth
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