[nfbwatlk] history kicks

debby phillips via nfbwatlk nfbwatlk at nfbnet.org
Tue May 27 02:41:10 UTC 2014

Hi! Are you going to be at the convention this summer? I so much 
look forward to spending time with folks in the Washington 
delegation.  I'm definitely sure we have a lot in common.  I 
wanted to be a nun, but the convent I wanted to enter would not 
take me.  They have determined that they will not accept any 
"handicapped women".  That was really a grief to me.  I am 
married now to a wonderful man, but I still think that I had a 
vocation.  Of course, nuns would say that if I had a vocation I 
would have eventually been permitted to enter a convent.  I don't 
know.  But I am thankful to God every day because I am happy and 
I love my husband and am loved.    PEACE,    Debby

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