[Nfbnet-members-list] New List on Cooking with Small Appliances

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Sun Apr 8 23:46:17 UTC 2018

I am pleased to be able to announce a new list 
here on NFBNET.Org. It is called 
"Small-Appliance-Cooking" and deals with blind 
people using small appliances for food preparation.

The list is provided in conjunction with the 
Krafters' Division of the NFB. They have a list 
where they discuss crafting -- which sometimes 
includes cooking, and there was some interest 
shown there in starting a slow cooker list. They 
talked to me and we decided it would be most 
useful to establish a permanent list here, and to 
slightly expand its coverage.  Here is the 
official description of the list, and instructions on how to join.

This list is sponsored by the National Federation of the Blind,
NFB and the Krafters' Division of the NFB.

This list is for the discussion, and sharing of 
ideas by blind, visually impaired and deaf-blind persons
in using small appliances for food preparation.
Many people choose to use small appliances 
because of blindness-related issues, convenience, space savings, economics
  and many other reasons. Small appliances include, but are not limited to
crockpots – slow cookers, the Instant Pot and 
other pressure cookers, microwave ovens, toaster 
ovens, air fryers and other devices.
Discussion can include ideas, accessibility tips 
and questions, recipes and anything related to 
the use of small appliances by blind and other disabled persons.

The moderator of the list is David Andrews. You can reach him at:

david.andrews at nfbnet.org

You should also contact him if you are having any 
technical problems with the list.

To subscribe to the list, either go to:


or send e-mail to 
small-appliance-cooking-request at nfbnet.org and 
put the word subscribe on the subject line, by itself


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