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Greetings from the Sunshine State!

                 The National Federation of the 
Blind is recognized as an innovator in the field 
of blindness. As a strong and proud division of 
the NFB, NAGDU is the leading force in the guide 
dog users’ Movement. During our meeting on July 
2, we will solidify our position as the leader in 
the service animal movement by screening a 
pioneering new documentary about our work 
desensitizing wild zoo animals to the presence of 
dogs in order to afford disabled individuals 
accompanied by service dogs greater access to the 
nation’s zoological exhibits. Working together 
with Lowry park zoo, the Suncoast Puppy raisers 
of the Guide Dog Foundation and the Association 
of Zoos and Aquariums, along with the generous 
support of the McCune Family Foundation, the 
National Association of Guide dog Users is 
launching an innovative, amazing resource that 
will dramatically improve access to our nation’s 
zoos. If you are a guide dog user or interested 
in guide dog users’ issues, you will not want to 
miss this exciting, groundbreaking documentary!

           Our NFB president, Mark Riccobono, 
will join us at our meeting to share our 
excitement and reinforce the importance of the 
National Association of Guide Dog Users as a 
strong and proud division of the National 
Federation of the Blind as we continue to remove 
the obstacles between blind people and our 
dreams. But wait; there’s more! If this is not 
enough excitement for one night, NAGDU will 
unveil its brand new “Service Animals Welcome” 
entry door decals and our recently edited, 11 X 
17 full color brochure! And if this is still not 
enough, every participant will receive a 
reflective NAGDU dog tag to show the world that 
you are a member of the largest, most dynamic, 
influential group of guide dog users in the 
world! Finally, if you still are not convinced 
that the NAGDU meeting is the place to be, ask 
any of the winners of our valuable door prizes or 
the final drawing of our 50/50 cash prize!

           I also would like to urge everyone to 
participate in the most important privilege of 
membership in NAGDU – electing our leadership. 
This year, the terms of president, secretary, and 
two board members expire. We have made amazing 
progress in securing our civil rights but have so 
much more to do to reach our goal to live the 
life we want! Our leadership is the keystone of 
these efforts and you owe it to yourself to 
choose those who will continue our forward 
movement. We will also share updates on our NAGDU 
Information & Advocacy Hotline, our mobile app, 
the work of our affiliate NAGDU divisions, 
including our newest and future divisions, hear 
from guide dog training programs, and the other 
important work of NAGDU. If you are a guide dog 
user or interested in guide dog issues, the NAGDU 
annual meeting is the place to be!

           The NAGDU meeting will be held on 
Saturday, July 2 in the Panzacola Ballroom F-2 
Level 1. Registration will begin at 6:00 p.m. and 
close at 6:45 p.m. The meeting will be called to 
order promptly at 7:00 p.m. We are looking 
forward to a packed room, so plan on coming early 
and staying late to mix & mingle with your fellow 
guide dog users, puppy raisers, and trainers!

Did I hear you say you’re not able to make the 
meeting? Not so! You can be a part of this 
exciting meeting, even if you’re not in Orlando! 
This year, NAGDU will once again be streaming our 
meetings live. The live stream will be available 
from the homepage of our website! Simply go to


and find the link to the live stream. The stream 
will be available beginning at 6:45 p.m. Don't 
miss a minute of the most dynamic gathering of 
guide dog users in the world and the incredible 
excitement we generate! If you would like to make 
a contribution to defray the cost of our live 
stream, you can do so by going to our donation page


The National Association of Guide dog Users is 
the leader in guide and service animal policy, 
education, and advocacy for guide dog users! We 
are also the most dynamic, innovative, and 
energetic organization of guide dog users in the 
world! Our influence and strength are the result 
of our robust membership.   If you are not a 
member of NAGDU or one of its affiliate 
divisions, you are invited to join our ranks and 
support our goal of Living the Life You Want as a 
guide dog user. Membership in the National 
Association of guide dog Users also makes you a 
member of the National Federation of the Blind. 
Joining is painless and simple. Our dues are only 
$5.00 annually and you can join and pay your dues 
online. For more information about joining NAGDU, please go to


           Don't forget about the NAGDU 
Information & Advocacy Hotline where you can hear 
information about service animal laws and 
regulations, as well as connect to a live 
advocate who can help you in the event you face 
access problems because of your guide dog. You 
can call the Hotline 24/7 by calling 888-NAGDU411 
(888-624-3841). The Hotline recently received a 
sizable grant from Twilio Cloud Communications to 
support the Hotline for years to come. Thanks to 
Twilio for their generosity and support of this valuable resource!

The National Association of Guide dog Users is 
pleased to offer the NAGDU Service Animal 
Information & Advocacy Mobile app! This 
innovative app provides general information about 
the state and federal laws that protect the civil 
rights of disabled individuals who use service 
dogs. The app contains the full texts of the 
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and each of 
the state statutes that affirm the rights of 
those who use service dogs, as well as general 
guidance concerning access to specific types of 
establishments, such as hotels, restaurants, 
taxicabs, health care facilities and more. In 
addition, this app provides the ability to 
directly connect with a live advocate who has 
been specially trained to resolve access issues 
as they occur and send an email for more specific 
guidance. This app is provided by the National 
Association of Guide dog Users at no charge as a 
public service. To download the app, simply type 
the term “NAGDU” into the app store’s search field.

           Finally, you are invited to read our 
NAGDU blog – Harness Up! You can read the blog 
and sign up for notifications when new posts are published by going to


           I look forward to seeing you in 
Orlando or having you participate on our live 
stream. If you have any questions, do not 
hesitate to get in touch with me. My contact information is below my signature.

`Fraternally yours,

Marion Gwizdala, President

National Association of Guide dog Users Inc.

National Federation of the Blind

Office: 813-626-2789

Hotline: 888-NAGDU411 (888-624-3841

<mailto:Info at nagdu.org>Info at nagdu.org


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