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Joy Stigile joystigile at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 01:02:58 UTC 2016

California to the rescue!!!

If you read the   article about Sharing a room  at convention and surviving
it with a smile in the May issue of the Braille Monitor, well, the
California affiliate has just the right item that  can make you and your
roommate's life a little easier.


Does this sound familiar?

On the day of the convention, you are traveling by airplane, train or
automobile. To help you relax for the long ride, you either read a book on
your smart phone or Victor Reader or  check something on your Braille Note
While listening on your Bluetooth wireless head set. You finally arrive at
your hotel room and the first thing you look for is somewhere to plug in all
of those devices. Both, you and your roommate are pushing back dressers,
flipping over mattresses and looking behind nightstands just to find that
there is only one outlet for you to share.


The California affiliate is selling a mini travel power strip. The power
strip has three outlets. It is 1 foot long (including cord) and weighs only
3 ounces. 

For only $5 you will have a simple solution and happy roommates.  

So visit the California affiliate table C-17, in the Exhibit Hall and check
One of your dilemmas off your list.

Enjoy the greatest gathering of blind people in the world.


If you are out and about in the hotel, or flying home, and do not have
access to a wall outlet to charge your items, purchase a external Battery
charger from the NFB of California.

They are lightweight small and have 5000 mah which is great for quickly
charging your IPhone, Ipad or even your Victor Reader.

Stop by the NFB of California table C-17 and purchase your battery charger
for a cost of $20.


Once you are set up with a portable charger and a power strip let the
California affiliate help you to guarantee a trip to the 2017 national
convention by purchasing a drawing ticket which should just about cover the
cost of your hotel stay in Orlando, Florida in 2017.  Each ticket is $5 or
with $20 you will get five chances to win $600 toward your hotel bill.  


Let's Go Build The Federation!

Joy Stigile

joystigile at gmail.com

cell (818) 510-2353



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