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NFB-NEWSLINE Adds Talking Book Topics and Braille Book Review

Baltimore, Maryland (June 8, 2015): The National Federation of the 
Blind is pleased to announce the addition of two new bimonthly 
publications to the NFB-NEWSLINE service: Talking Book Topics and 
Braille Book Review. These are published by the National Library 
Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped of the Library of 
Congress (NLS).

Mark Riccobono, President of the National Federation of the Blind, 
said: "NFB-NEWSLINE and the National Library Service are invaluable 
resources to the blind community. We are pleased with the success in 
2010 of integrating NFB-NEWSLINE into the NLS Talking Book Players, 
and we are happy to further enhance integration with NLS services by 
sharing these two bimonthly publications with our subscribers."

Talking Book Topics lists digital audiobooks and magazines available 
through the NLS network of cooperating libraries. Braille Book Review 
lists Braille books and magazines available through the library 
network. Both publications also carry news of developments in library 
services. The annotated lists in each issue of these two bimonthly 
magazines are limited to titles recently added to the national 
collection, which contains thousands of fiction and nonfiction 
titles, including bestsellers, classics, biographies, romance novels, 
mysteries, and how-to guides.

These two publications are now available on NFB-NEWSLINE. To read 
these lists of new titles added to the NLS collection, press 7 from 
the Main Menu, then choose "Magazines," then select the "Blindness 
Specific" category, and finally choose "Braille Book Review" or 
"Talking Book Topics."

Each book and its description are listed in these publications as a 
separate article. This means that subscribers can easily search and 
navigate through the articles to find the books of interest. 
Additionally, subscribers can press Pound 9 from the touch-tone 
telephone and have the individual book listings sent to an email 
inbox. From there, subscribers can forward the email to a cooperating 
regional library to request the book.

Scott White, director of NFB-NEWSLINE, said:"We hope the addition of 
Talking Book Topics and Braille Book Review will help our readers 
decide what books are of interest to them and make it easier to 
acquire them from their regional Braille and Talking Book libraries."

NFB-NEWSLINE is a free audible information service available to the 
blind and print-disabled that offers over four hundred publications 
including newspapers and magazines, plus emergency weather alerts, 
job listings, and TV listings. The service is accessible via a 
touch-tone telephone, email, internet, portable players, or an iOS 
Mobile App. For more information or to register for NFB-NEWSLINE 
visit http://www.nfbnewsline.org or call 1-866-504-7300.


About the National Federation of the Blind

The National Federation of the Blind knows that blindness is not the 
characteristic that defines you or your future. Every day we raise 
the expectations of blind people, because low expectations create 
obstacles between blind people and our dreams. You can live the life 
you want; blindness is not what holds you back.

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