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The deadline for this project is January 31, 
so there is time to be very 
creative.  There is a need for videos, pictures 
to go with the stories. YOU can do it!!!

Please share!!!


Dynamism is defined as something that has

“energy and a strong desire to make something happen”;

now, who does that sound like?  YOU!

As a member of the National Federation of the 
Blind, you want to make a difference!  Have you 
encountered a situation where you, as a blind 
person, were misunderstood or criticized for your 
ideas because someone thought you couldn’t do 
something?  What actions did you take to change 
that situation?  Are you creative in how you 
maintain your independence?  Do you have a funny 
story of how you accomplished something?  Are you a parent of a Blind child?

Share your unique story through writing, videos and pictures!

The Communications Committee, in collaboration 
with the Writer’s Division, the Public 
Relations Committee, and the Social Media 
Committee is seeking stories along with videos 
and pictures, which reflect the NFB 
philosophy.  These stories may be selected and 
highlighted in the Braille Monitor, on 
Facebook/Twitter or in a Kernel book.  Stories 
are being compiled into a book to celebrate NFB’s 75th Anniversary!

Have you used the white cane for other tasks 
instead of mobility?  For example, do you play 
pool with it?  Talk about the unique ways you 
clean the house, cook, wash the car, garden, and 
play games or sports.  Do you like to 
bowl?  Share a video of getting that strike!  Do 
you like to work with your hands; such as, 
construction, mechanics or knitting?  Do you like 
to fish, hunt or play golf?  Share how you 
accomplish your activities at home, in the community or on the job.

The Inquiring minds of the world want to know what the blind can do!

For samples of the stories that we are looking 
for, read the April issue of the Braille Monitor.


Unlimited submissions of stories, pictures and videos can be submitted to

<mailto:nfbdynamism at nfbnet.org>nfbdynamism at nfbnet.org

Please attached word document stories, JPEG 
formatted pictures and clearly identify who/what 
is in the picture.  Videos can be downloaded free 
at <http://www.dropbox.com>www.dropbox.com.  Once 
registered, upload video and click share.  The 
link to this file can be copied and pasted into the email.

Deadline is January 31, 2015

    Get those creative juices flowing!  On your mark, get set, GO!

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