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Fri May 30 19:20:28 UTC 2014

Dear Fellow Federationists:

The National Federation of the Blind is interested in gathering 
photos and videos from members of the Federation that tell your 
personal stories, give your reasons for involvement in the 
Federation, and/or show how you are living the life you want as a 
blind person. These videos and pictures may be used on our website, 
on our social media pages, in our publications, and in other ways 
that help to spread our message. In order to facilitate this sharing 
of photos and videos, we have implemented a new media upload webpage 
on the National Federation of the Blind site. Images and videos are a 
great way for us to inform the public about the National federation 
of the Blind and about our lives as blind people. They help the 
public understand that blindness is not the characteristic that 
defines us or our future. Please visit 
<http://www.nfb.org/media>www.nfb.org/media to learn how you can 
submit your videos and pictures to us. We look forward to seeing all 
of the great content you will send our way!

Thank you,

Chris Danielsen
Director of Public Relations
National Federation of the Blind

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