[Nfbnet-members-list] Recruitment for Braille Study at National Convention

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Mon May 26 16:43:20 UTC 2014

Please distribute to lists as appropriate:
Proficient braille readers interested in participating in the braille study
described below should contact Dr. Robert Englebretson at his contact
information below:

Invitation to Participate in a Research Study at the NFB Convention

I am a professor of Linguistics at Rice University, a life-long braille
reader, and am conducting research about cognitive and perceptual aspects of
braille reading. If you are over the age of 18 and consider yourself a
highly proficient braille reader, you are invited to participate in a
research study during the upcoming NFB convention in Orlando. The study will
take approximately one hour, and I will be using a high-resolution tracking
system to record what your fingers do while you are reading. This system
consists of an infrared camera mounted above the tabletop, and a small,
nonobtrusive device that you will wear on the backs of your hands. You will
first be asked to read naturally, both on paper and on a Braille display.
You will next be asked to read a series of words and sentences, and to
perform simple tasks like identifying errors, identifying words, and
answering basic questions about what you are reading. The tracking system
will collect information about your finger movements, reading speed, and
reaction times. Prior to the study, you will be given a short survey about
your background and experiences reading braille. Your identity will be kept
confidential, and the data will be made anonymous. You will be compensated
for completion of the study by your choice of a $40 gift card from either
iTunes or Amazon.com. If you have questions or are interested in
participating in the study, please contact me, Dr. Robert Englebretson, by
e-mail at reng at rice.edu (or by phone at 713-348-4776) and I will send you
information for how to sign up.

       Dr. Robert Englebretson     *Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor*
       Dept. of Linguistics, MS23
       Rice University
       6100 Main St.
       Houston, TX 77005-1892
       Phone: 713 348-4776
       E-mail: reng at rice.edu

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