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Greetings Fellow federationists,

As you may recall from my announcement during our National convention in
Orlando, the NFB of New York, with the help of over a dozen other affiliates
has started a pilot project to facilitate communications and information
exchange among blind persons around the United States and the world. This
project consists of an online chat community where both NFB members and
non-members can participate in events, presentations and activities in real
time. All that is required is a computer, an internet connection and a
headset. We are often aware of the potential isolation faced by blind
individuals, either due to geographical location or circumstance. NFB Live
hopes to address this situation by providing a safe environment where blind
persons can interact with others. We hope NFB Live can offer opportunities
for socialization, education, information exchange and growth. This is also
a way that we can get our message out to the widest audience at a minimal

The potential uses for this venue is quite fantastic. Our membership can
interact with a variety of different individuals and organizations. We can
use the NFB Live chat rooms to host educational events, organize discussions
on a variety of topics of interest to our members, participate in seminars
and games and even just socialize with other people. It would be easy for
us to host committee and board meetings in these rooms as well.

Our site and chat rooms are easy to access with a minimum amount of effort.
We have specialized technical support staff that are willing to assist
anyone interested in our events. We can assist anyone requiring help in
accessing our site and chat rooms.

Anyone can register with NFB Live by filling out the registration form at:

http://www.nfblive.org/join.htm <http://www.nfblive.org/join.htm>

I would ask that you please advertise NFB Live in your news letters and
publications to inform our members of this new opportunity for
socialization, interaction and learning.

If you have any questions, Feel free to contact me at:

carl at nfblive.com <mailto:carl at nfblive.com>

If you have any technical questions, please contact our technical support
staff at:

support at nfblive.com <mailto:support at nfblive.com>


Carl Jacobsen

         David Andrews and long white cane Harry.
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