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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the 75 Days of Action Campaign?

A. The 75 days of Action Campaign is an opportunity for our dedicated 
and committed NFB leaders around the country to work in 75 days of 
action to build 75 new NFB chapters and divisions, and to strengthen 
75 of our existing chapters and divisions that may not be so strong.

Q. When does the 75 Days of Action Campaign begin?

A. The 75 Days of Action Campaign begins on the second of September 
and runs through the 16th of November. The sixteenth of November 
begins the seventy-fifth year of the National Federation of the Blind.

Q. How can I join the 75 Days of Action Campaign?

A. You can become a chapter builder by e-mailing 
<mailto:75days at nfb.org>75days at nfb.org and letting us know that you 
are seriously interested in working on building a chapter in your 
area or some town or city near you that may not have a NFB chapter.

Q. Do you have training materials or tools that can help me start 
building or strengthening a chapter?
A. The 75 Days of Action Committee will hold regular telephone 
conference calls to provide training on the ways to effectively build 
chapters and they will also provide some written material to help you 
get started. To fit in with your busy schedules, these training 
sessions will be held several times per week beginning in early 
August. Your commitment to the campaign does not require you to be on 
multiple calls per week. The calls should be viewed as a resource, a 
way to share information and celebrate success.

Q. Do I have a 75 Days of Action Committee regional coordinator that 
I can turn to for advice and direction during the time I work on 
building a chapter?

A. Each member of the steering committee, which was appointed by the 
National Federation of the Blind president, has responsibility to 
work with a number of state affiliate presidents and members from 
those specific states who are working on building chapters in their 
affiliate. Ask your state president who your regional coordinator is 
or email <mailto:75days at nfb.org>75days at nfb.org. The regional 
coordinator will be available for tips and ideas.
Q. What happens on the 76th day?

A. After the 75 Days of Action Campaign, we will celebrate a 
milestone accomplishment of building the Federation in a powerful 
manner.  We will maintain our momentum through the efforts of an 
enhanced Membership Committee.  The NFB Membership Committee has 
already begun to evolve into a dynamic on-going effort to support our 
affiliates and divisions.  The tools and strategies developed and 
implemented through the 75 Days of Action Campaign will be 
replicated, disseminated, and improved by the members of this 
committee.  Regular calls will be held where affiliates, divisions, 
and chapters will be encouraged to share their evolving strategies 
with each other.

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