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Subject: Communication #13 - TSA.gov and Disability and Medical Condition
Awareness Series Initiative

Good Evening Coalition Members:

NEWS FLASH - Be on the lookout for a new revamped TSA.gov Travelers with
Disabilities and Medical Conditions website. While the new website is under
construction the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Disability
Branch is working on a new Disability and Medical Condition Awareness Series
Initiative.  Each month TSA's Disability Branch will focus on a Disability
or Medical Condition Awareness Month theme based on identification of
disability and medical condition-related awareness days or months in the
calendar year. TSA Disability Branch will develop a "What to Expect"
publication that provides general information about what to expect in the
security screening process if you are an individual with a disability or
medical condition. The publications will also include sections on "What to
Know" and "What to Remember". The intent of the publications is to help
travelers make better informed decisions.

Stay tuned on the overhaul of the external Web site.  We will continue to
develop our external awareness pieces each month.  This way they will be
ready for posting when the Web site opens again.

Thank you,
Susan Buckland
Disability Branch, POC TSA Disability and Medical Condition Coalition,
Outreach and Engagement Office of Civil Rights and Liberties, Ombudsmen and
Traveler Engagement Transportation Security Administration Department of
Homeland Security
Susan.buckland at tsa.dhs.gov<mailto:Susan.buckland at tsa.dhs.gov>

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