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  My Dear Fellow Federationists:

  There are times when only the love and support of family can get one
through one of lifes crisis.  This is one of those times for two of our
beloved Federationists, Melissa Haney, our affiliate Treasurer,  and Cal
Sanders. Cal is the man who happily dresses up like Whozit for affiliate

  As most of you know, Cal and Melissa will be getting married on Sunday,
May 27, 2012 which is this coming Sunday.  Many of us will be attending the
wedding to witness two of our favorite people recite their nuptials in front
of family and friends.

  This past Saturday night, while Cal and Melissa were shopping for last
minute decorations for the wedding, they received a call from Melissa's
daughter who was having emergency car problems out on the road.  So they
went to help her daughter and stayed with her until they were sure the car
was working.  When they returned to their home they found the front door
open and the house in flames.  They had been burglarized and the house set
on fire.  They have lost everything.  Fortunately, Melissa's dress was still
being altered and therefore not in the house at the time.  So there will be
a wedding on Sunday as planned.

  I am letting all of you know about this because we have set up a mechanism
by which you can make a tax deductible donation to the Sanders Emergency
Relief Fund.  The insurance company is providing them with a hotel room
until they can find a house to rent to live in for a couple of years.

  I am just heartsick about this tragic event.  Melissa told us not to buy
them anything for the house because they had everything they needed.  Cal
did all of the remodeling and fixing up of that old house from the floor up.
Now they have only the shirts on their backs.  As Melissa told me today, "At
least they are safe and they have each other".  Cal managed to run in the
house and save the new kitten but, that was all they got out.

  I wanted to create a secure method of allowing friends to help them out so
here is how it will work.

  Follow the link below and it will take you to a Formstack page that has
been designed and set up for this emergency relief purpose.  Your
information is secured through Paypal.  You will receive a confirmation from
the National Federation of the Blind of California to be retained for your
tax deductible records.  The donations are coded and will be kept separate
from the affiliate money.  I, personally, will make arrangements to transfer
the money to Cal and Melissa as soon as they can get through this weekend
and begin to plan for their future together.

  The link is http://www.formstack.com/forms/?1223360-TraWO3zJ8N

  Mary Willows, President
  National Federation of the Blind of California
  mwillows at sbcglobal.net

Mary Willows, President
National Federation of the Blind of California
mwillows at sbcglobal.net

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