[Nfbnet-members-list] Race for Independence

Diggs, Parnell PDiggs at nfb.org
Wed Jun 29 07:50:25 UTC 2011

Dear Colleagues:

You have heard about the Blind Driver Challenge™ 
demonstrations taking place at the Orlando 
National Convention. Invitations to participate 
in this historic event are being extended to 
thirty Imaginators who raised $1000 or more by June 15.

But even though June 15 is behind us, the 2011 
Imagination Fund campaign is speeding ahead, as 
we prepare to gather in Orlando. There are 
additional incentives in place for those who 
register as Imaginators by visiting 
www.raceforindependence.org or by calling 
Ann-Marie Laney at 410-659-9314 ext. 2371.

At the $250 level, you will receive a Race for 
Independence keychain and an insulated cooler 
bag, which you can pick-up at the Imagination 
Fund table during the National Convention.  At 
the $500 level, we will add a sleek Race for 
Independence visor to go with the cooler bag and keychain.

And as always, there is the National Federation 
of the Blind Medallion, which is awarded only to 
those who raise $1000 or more in the Imagination 
Fund Race for Independence.  Think of the 
tremendous since of pride you will feel when we 
announce your name at the National Convention as a $1000 Imaginator in 2011.

If you have donations which you have not yet 
mailed-in, please hold on to them and bring them 
to the Convention, as they may not reach us until 
after we have departed for Orlando.  Obviously, 
online donations should show-up instantly.

It is not too late; many of this year's $1000 
Imaginators were able to raise it within 
days.  Go ahead, make the "ask", and join 
hundreds of other Federationists who are 
supporting the programs of the National 
Federation of the Blind in the 2011 Race for Independence.


Parnell Diggs, Chairman

National Federation of the Blind Imagination Fund

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