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Freeh, Jessica JFreeh at nfb.org
Wed Apr 20 23:07:25 UTC 2011

Dear Fellow Federationists:

We thought we would remind you that in addition to checking our Web 
site and reading our flagship publication, the Braille Monitor, you 
can keep up with what is happening in the National Federation of the 
Blind by e-mail and through your favorite social networking tools.

If you want to receive a copy of each press release that is issued 
from our national office, you can do so by subscribing to have each 
new press release e-mailed to you as soon as it is posted.  Just 
provide your e-mail address at the form located here:


You can also follow us on Twitter by subscribing to our feed at: 

Please note: You'll need a Twitter account if you don't already have 
one. It's easy to sign up, and it's free. You'll receive short 
messages from us with links to our latest press releases and other 
important web pages.

Finally, you can also become a Facebook fan.  Visit the NFB Facebook 
page here: 
We also have a Facebook page for announcements about the Blind Driver 

We hope you will utilize one or more of these methods so that you can 
stay up to date with national developments in our movement.  Don't 
forget to check with your affiliate and chapter president, too, to 
find out how you can get the latest information on Federation 
activity in your community as well.


Chris Danielsen

Director of Public Relations

National Federation of the Blind
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