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Thu Jan 26 19:23:43 UTC 2023

At our meeting on Saturday, we will vote on these meeting minutes from the November meeting.

Thanks to our secretary, Deja, for the notes.





Facilitator: Amandeep Kaye
By: Deja Powell
Date: 11/26/2022
Where: Razzis pizza 
Amandeep lead meeting stared at 11:05 at Razzis 
Ice breaker. 
Treasurers report-none. 
Meeting minutes-table minutes. 
Next month-holiday party 
Talked About next year.
Dec. 10th holiday at Razzis party. Gift exchange OPTIONAL
Create a calendar for next year. 
State report: Marci
State convention. 149 people registered. 
A lot of new people. 
More down time.
Longer for blind hacks. 
Denise Avant had a great time. 
Luc Gandarias-dad came home with some damage. 
Day at the capital in January! May rent a bus, or we may use transit to Olympia. Have a day at the state capital. 
Jessie brought up that we should advocate for accessible voting—particularly mail in voting. 
Working on presenting a bill for accessible voting by mail-Steve Hobbs—get him on board. 
Trying to figure out 2 step verification process.
End of Jan - beg. Of February. going to Washington seminar in DC. 
3-4 issues: fact sheets will be mailed out ahead of time. Re-introduce bills from last year. 
There is financial support? There is a form you can fill out for support. 
Hotel rates $109, double $129.
Form due by Monday dec. 5. Fly out on the 29th. AlAska had direct flights. 
Thurs. 2, 5 pm. don’t leave before then. 
Talked about pharmacy accessibility and extensively about script talk. 
Christmas party-white elephant gift exchange. 
Elections are happening in January.
If interested talk to Jim. Actually talked about moving elections to the 4th Saturday in Feb. due to Washington seminar. 
Talk to Jim if interested. 
Fundraising ideas
No popcorn sales-do those on a state level. 
Do five minutes fundraising at each chapter meeting.
Request print and Braille tickets. 
Holiday gift exchange-$15 max. 
Meeting adjourned at 12:10 pm 

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