[NFBWATlk] Greater Seattle Chapter Picnic

portillo.jim at gmail.com portillo.jim at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 19:26:18 UTC 2022

Greetings all


This is to let everyone know that the Seattle Chapter board decided that we
needed to change the date of our upcoming Seattle picnic. Some things
happened after convention which lead us to make that decision.

The picnic will now be on August 20th, at the home of Jim and Noel. It will
also take the place of our August meeting. We thought this could be a
wonderful way of recruiting new members and also talking to those who
attended National Convention, hearing about all of the cool things they
learned and experienced.

The change is actually a good thing, and I think we'll have even more time
to make it the best picnic yet.

More information will be sent as we get closer to the date. However, we
could sure use some people who would like to help with the organization of
the picnic.

Please get a hold of Deja Powell or myself if you are interested.

We would also like to invite people from other chapters to join us. Let's
make it a fun one!

Jim Portillo

Seattle Chapter President

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