[NFBWATLK] Seeking recommendations for a personal driver

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Wed Apr 5 02:46:00 UTC 2017

At one time I remember reading about a service that does this very 
thing. The drivers were specially trained, bonded etc., for 
protection to everyone.  I of course don't remember the name, and it 
was probably just in the Bay Area and/or has gone under, but some 
Google searches should tell all!


At 09:53 AM 4/4/2017, you wrote:
>Thanks for the suggestions.  Indeed, sometimes other parents can 
>help if the driving is to a joint activity.  In general, I would not 
>want to ask other parents for the favor if their kid is not also involved.
>One reason for exploring this is that I would like my daughter to go 
>to a particular day camp in another part of Seattle for a week or 
>two in the summer, and we do not know of other kids going 
>there.  She would need a ride back and forth each day.  The camp 
>does not offer transportation itself.
>On 4/3/2017 8:44 PM, Lauren Merryfield via NFBWATLK wrote:
>>I wonder if calling 211 would help at all. They are related to United Way
>>and sometimes they are able to help.
>>Would the parents of one of your daughter's friends be able to help?
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>>Although I regularly use Uber and Lift, I would also like to have the name
>>and number of at least one driver that I can call directly for reliable,
>>personalized service.  The person should be trustworthy enough for driving
>>my 10 year old daughter without my wife or me.
>>Can anyone give me such contact info?  Feel free to write either on or off

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