[nfbwatlk] NFB Cane-Related Airlines Incident

Oswal oswal at rainierconnect.com
Tue Mar 24 03:31:56 UTC 2015

Hi Marci,  just wanted you to know that I was asked to leave  the Alaska
Airlines flight 667 from Dallas to  Seattle this evening because of the NFB

I had stored  away the  cane  by the window  seat but before the plane would
take off, one of the crew member, Byron, asked  me to hand over the cane for
safety reasons.

I gave him  the cane but asked for his name. He gave me his name but it
bothered him and he brought a second staff member to speak to me. I told him
that I have already given the cane.  He told me that I  had asked for  their
names; therefore,  they are going to take me off the plane. I assume that
they were  looking for an apology from me for having asked  their names.

After I got off the plane with my  two younger boys,  Byron followed me  to
the gate and  told me that he would like to resolve  the issue. I told him
that  I want to get home this evening but now I can't because  he has  taken
me off the last flight of the day to Seattle. 

He told me that he could book me on the American Airlines flight  next
morning. I told him that I can take care of  it myself.

I  did later get  seats on the morning American Airlines flight for
tomorrow, and we are  staying at Wyndham overnight.

Talk to you more when I get in  tomorrow,


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