[nfbwatlk] Another device to help us "see"

Debby Phillips semisweetdebby at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 03:47:07 UTC 2015

But before there were scanners, the KNFB reader, computers and 
all, we all had to have people read us all kinds of sensitive 
stuff.  I always tried to find people through church, because I 
figured I had less of a chance of getting ripped off, but there 
was and is no guarantee.  It's a whole different crazy world out 
there now.  I notice young people don't have some of the same 
doubts and fears we um, dare I say, older folks have.  Today as I 
was heading for work, I had this daydream of technology suddenly 
stopping and going back to what was available in the 1950's.  I 
had to laugh, thinking about having to dial a phone again, and 
use a typewriter (probably not even an electric one).  Lol.    

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