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Mike Freeman k7uij at panix.com
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If you have a "well-behaved" email program, Just reply to the message and
before sending, hit Shift-tab till you hear the "To" field. Now hit the END
key. The only address that will be left is Denise's direct address. Now hit
SEND, presuming you've put something into the body of the message and it
will go to Denise directly.So in most instances, you won't have to go thru
the find-the-address-copy-to-clipboard-paste-from-clipboard routine to reply
to her directly.

Mike Freeman

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As I posted earlier I am working on a history of the Washington Affiliate
for the upcoming convention this fall.  I am ready to hear from anyone who
is interested in participating.  I have a short survey to fill out.  Then I
will call for more detail.  I need to have an email address to send the
survey to.  Even if you have been part of the Washington Affiliate for a
short time please participate.  I will only respond to those who contact me
through my personal email address cane.travel at gmail.com.  I do not want the
list to be used for contacting me as I need contact information that is
offline to contact anyone who wants to participate.  I look forward to
hearing from anyone who wishes to participate in this project.

Denise Mackenstadt, NOMC
cane.travel at gmail.com

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