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For Elizabeth and Debby's benefit, I have two random thoughts. First, there is at least one good friend of mine and others on this list who has been a nun for a long while, and is also a tremendous Federationist. Second, and you may already know this, but the NFB has a division called "National Association of the Blind in Communities of Faith". It's president is Tom Anderson
5628 South Fox Circle, Apt. A
Littleton, Colorado 80120-5429
Work: 303-778-1130
E-mail: tanderson at cocenter.org<mailto:tanderson at cocenter.org>
Mailing List: http://www.nfbnet.org/mailman/listinfo/faith-talk_nfbnet.org
It meets and among other things has discussions about how blind people are treated or perceived in various churches/religions. I pasted the info from the NFB.org web site.


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