[nfbwatlk] Braile on blanket

debby phillips semisweetdebby at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 15:33:44 UTC 2014

Hey Lauren, how many cats do young have? Our Sammy aka Tomcat got 
out a couple months ago and got run over.  We miss him terribly 
but are looking for another cat.  There just don't seem to be too 
many this time of year.  Sigh.  We are trying to adopt one from 
SCRAPS.  To keep this blindness-related, how do you keep your 
cats indoors, or do you? We have put a harness on our cat before 
that had bells on it, and that helped, except he was a smart one 
and sometimes could move around without making them ring.  Lol.     
Peace,    Debby

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