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Hmmm ... I don't see how blindness and/or visual impairment has *any* bearing on communications in an emergency shelter. About all one really needs to know is where the bathroom is and perhaps where to relieve one's guide dog. But perhaps my imagination is lacking.

Mike Freeman

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Sending this to you as you have the distribution list to get the word out.
Note the $2,500 stipend  at end of project Expertise should include knowledge of blindness issues and solutions and strategies to mitigate issues.  Perhaps a step beyond knowledge of blindness experience.

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	Subject: Recruiting Consultants with Disability Expertice 

	The Seattle Parks and Recreation Department has received funding to develop an Emergency Shelter Communications Toolkit, designed to overcome communications barriers with individuals seeking shelter services in emergency situations. The resulting toolkit will become part of the Regional Evacuation and Sheltering Annex, a project of the Puget Sound Region Catastrophic Grant Program. This is a call for Subject Matter Experts (SME) to serve as consultants to the Project Workgroup in their respective fields of expertise. Four SME’s will be engaged, one in each of four areas of competency: Vision, Hearing & Speech, Developmental Disabilities, and Mobility.

	The scope of work is as follows. 

	*	Attend initial Workgroup meeting on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 from 11 am – 2 pm (lunch provided) in a downtown location in the City of Seattle.
	*	Work independently to complete all tasks assigned to you at the Workgroup meeting by designated deadlines. Examples of tasks may include:
	*	Research current Best Practices for communications in emergency shelters, or other similar facilities/situations.
	*	Recommend, provide, develop, and/or design graphics, language, informational instruments, signage, and other tools and instruments to be used to facilitate communications in an emergency shelter setting.
	*	Recommend, develop, and/or edit guidance on the usage of Toolkit components.
	*	Research, recommend, and/or provide information on additional resources to meet the communications needs of those seeking shelter in an emergency situation.
	*	Assist the Workgroup in understanding and applying principles of Universal Design, especially within your Area of Expertise.
	*	Meet with the Workgroup, at a time in September 2013 yet to be determined, to present assignment results, and to participate in further discussion of the toolkit elements.
	*	Be available for additional consultation in the final stages of the Project, as needed. Additional consultation will, whenever possible, occur via electronic or phone communications. The current Workplan calls for the design phase of the Project Toolkit to be completed by the end of December, 2013, at which point the commitment of the Subject Matter Experts will end.

	All SME's will be given a stipend of 2,500 dollars upon completion of their contract. 

	Please send this email to anyone you know who has the required expertise.

	For those that are interested please send an email to Lloyd.Major at seattle.gov stating your interest in the project, your field of expertise and short summary of your experience in that area.  The deadline for applications is Wednesday July 24.  Those who have been selected will be informed on the 25th.  


	Lloyd Major 

	Recreation Specialist 

	Email:  Lloyd.Major at seattle.gov


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