[nfbwatlk] {Disarmed} FW: Why a blind man, his dog, and 35 passengers left an airplane

debby phillips semisweetdebby at gmail.com
Sun Dec 1 17:58:13 UTC 2013

It was nice to scratch Jake's ears.  (Smile).  I'm so sorry that 
your friend had such a bad time.  But I will say that sometimes 
people think they are being bullied when the truth is, they are 
being challenged, and it feels uncomfortable.  But to belittle 
someone for something they can't do is very rude, to say the 
least.  Hopefully, the older we get, the more compassionate we 
become.  Young folks tend to see things one way, and one way 
only, which surprises the heck out of me.  But it's true.  So 
maybe we need to encourage one another to keep stretching our 
boundaries, and then go from there.  I so much appreciated the 
love and encouragement I got from the folks at CCB, and I want to 
try and be that kind of encouragement to others.    BLESSINGS,    

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