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>Dear List Members,
>We are pleased to tell you that starting this Monday, books will be 
>added to BARD as soon as they pass Quality Assurance. This means you 
>can expect to see new books several times a week.
>To check for new books, do the following:
>1.      Go to https://nlsbard.loc.gov
>2.      Log into your account.
>3.      Follow the Recently Added Books link. This is a level 3 heading.
>Books are arranged by their date of addition to BARD, with the newest 
>first, under headings that show the date when they were added. Each 
>date is a level 2 heading, so with most screen readers you can easily 
>move from date to date. Book titles are level 4 headings.
>There may be some difficulties during the first few days as the new 
>system is rolled out. Please be patient and know that any problems will 
>be looked into and solved quickly.
>Also, remember that books were just posted today, so it's likely that 
>no books will show up on this Monday.
>Happy reading,
>The BARD Technical Support Team
>NLS BARD Technical Support
>e-mail: NLSDownload at loc.gov
>Read the BARD FAQ at: https://nlsbard.loc.gov/NLS/FAQ.html

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