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I completely agree with the well written statement that you have presented
to your representative and us. I would say, they need to put in 72% for
roads and highways in transportation and 28% on public transit, as the
mathematical statement indicates. Why just 4%? Where is the rest going? The
can do more than that. Public transit is very critical to the blind, and
they should know it well. Tell them they need to consider this as if they
were themselves not being able to drive a car and had to rely on buses to
get around. If they do so like I say, it will be worth 7 times the effort
and power. (4 * 7 = 28) -smile! 
Well, that's my 10 cents.

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I wanted to share with you the email I sent to my Representatives and State
Senator regarding funding for public transit.  I hope you will join me in
emailing your reps as well. 

January 14, 2012 
Dear Rep. Wylie: 
This past Tuesday, Gov. Gregoire proposed a $3.6 billion transportation
package that dedicates 72% to roads and 4% to transit.  Amazingly, this is a
step forward from the past but well short of being balanced.  The
legislature is now set to consider this proposal. 

>From 2001 to 2009, the number of trips that Americans age 50+ took on public
transportation went up 81%.(Source AARP Magazine) 

I am legally blind and depend on public transit to get to work, medical
appointments, the gocery store, etc. so funding for public transit is very
important to me.  As the baby boomer generation ages they will need a
quality public transit system they can depend on to remain independent. 

The current transportation budget is unfairly balanced.  I ask that you send
this proposal back to the governor and ask her to dedicate more than 4% to
transit.  An investment in transit is an investment in our community and our
disabled and elderly citizens. 

Julie Goldbeck
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