[nfbwatlk] Informational Picket this Tuesday, July 26 in Seattle

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Hope to read a story about this  march via NFB newsline! (smile)

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Hello Everyone, 


Attached you will find the press release we issued concerning
this Tuesday's (July 26th) demonstration. I wanted everyone to see it. We
will be picketing  at 915 2nd Avenue (between Madison and Marion) from 10
a.m. until noon in front of the Jackson Federal Building, which houses,
among other offices, Senator Patty Murray's local office. We are hoping for
some good press. Mike Mello will be coordinating the demonstration and I
will be handling the public relations. We will be joined by members of other
disability rights organizations who are also in support of our opposition to
subminimum wages. This event will only be canceled if Senator Murray makes a
public statement saying that the proposed Workforce Investment Act contains
a number of provisions which she cannot support, including Title V, Section
511, and that she will not vote for it until Section 511 and the other
provisions are removed. 


 We encourage anyone who can do so to join us on Tuesday in Seattle. We will
have some signs to carry. If you can attend please be prepared to carry
whatever belongings you bring. The Jackson Federal Building occupies the
entire block from Madison to Marion.We will be in downtown Seattle so there
won't be anywhere to store things. Hopefully we will get some good press
coverage.  If you have any questions, please fell free to contact my via the
phone numbers and email listed in the press release. See you there! 


Marci Carpenter

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