[nfbwatlk] It's Humberto again: Questions about legal status and services (continuation)

hmp humbertoa5369 at netzero.net
Fri Mar 12 23:54:24 UTC 2010


I talked to the DSB on Monday afternoon and I asked if because I 
am not a citizen or I am living as an illegal resident, I can get 
their rehab services or their programs. Here is what they told 

Humberto asks: "Is there any way I can get your services at the 
Yakima DSB lady said: "Well, I don't think so, but I'm not 
positive... I am going to talk to Carla, who is in charge of 
this, and I will let you know when I call later."
Humberto asks: "Do you know if I'm eligible for other programs or 
rehabilitation services then?"
Lady said: "Let me talk to your teachers at the ESD 105 people, 
and I will let you know... who is the main person at your school 
to talk to?"
Humberto said: "Dr. Denise Robinson, teacher of the blind."
DSB Lady said: "I'll call you later, see what Carla has to say."

Afterwards, I received a call and this is what they said:

"Humberto, you can't be eligible for our rehab services. We don't 
currently provide with services to non-citizens or people like 
you. We are unable to give you any support... Let me see what 
other services you are able to apply for, OK? Don't give up. I'll 
see what we can do to help you in seeing which services you are 
able to have. We'll talk to your ESD person, and see what she has 
to say. Don't give up."

 With this in mind, I feel like I am stuck in a bottomless, 
unending and enormous pit. Why aren't they able to provide with 
this? I came to this country because they are very nice, to 
follow my dreams, and to get my future. So, why is this? Why 
can't I have access to applications and services just like the 
rest of you, the rest of the blind in America, can have? Why are 
they chewing me off? As to my personal feelings, I feel totally 
discriminated! I feel like I'm not given the rights to do 
anything! to be honest, I feel just like a black woman living in 
the U.S. in the middle of the 19th century. I don't know if you 
would feel this way too... perhaps I'm exaggerating too much. 
But, anyhow, my idea is, why is this happening to me? Am I 
perhaps the ** ONLY ** blind student living in this country with 
this kind of status?

To that end, I don't want to give up!!! not at all!!! If this 
doesn't work, then how can I become an AMERICAN citizen? I need 
the answer to this question please. Does anyone have any comments 
about becoming a citizen of the U.S. please email me back with 

For your information: my long-term dream is to go into a 
transition program where I can learn my Daily Living Skills as 
well as mobility, to pursue a career on Information Technology 
(IT), have a successful life and make a good family.


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