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Mike Mello's post is for real.  I wrote to Gary Wunder, Missouri State
President and he says the state affiliate is taking responsibility for
this case for now, but national is very aware of it and may need to help
at some point.  Gary says, "If people want to make donations, they
should direct them to our State Treasurer, Carol Coulter. She lives at
1613 Blue Ridge, Columbia, MO 65202-1759. To make sure that the donation
gets credited to the right fun, they should send a note stating that
this is to get back the baby or put the name of the mother or the



Bennett Prows

Born on May 21.  (smile, same as Mikaela.) 

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Sugar & Spice  


And Everything Nice  

That is what little Girls Are Made Of  


Erica and Blake, a young couple awaiting the birth of their first child
with joy and happiness. BabyMikaela  was born at 12:45pm, May 21. Not
unlike many new mothers Erica experienced some 
difficulty in her first breast feeding ofMikaela, she called the nurse
for some advise. By 6:00pm child protective services arrived at the
hospital to say the parents could not takeMikaela  home, unless 
they had a sighted person to live with them.  

In all the investigations, blindness is the only reason sited for the
parents not being allowed to leave with their new baby girl.  


The Missouri affiliate has hired an attorney at $250 per hour, and her
assistant at $85 per hour to bring Mikaela home where she belongs!  


Please help with any donations possible to unite this family. You may
stop by the Missouri table, B 114 in the exhibit hall, or come by our

We, the National Federation of the Blind can bring Mikaela home to her
parents where she belongs! Thank you for any help you can give. 

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Michael J. Mello

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