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Subject: [Blindattic] An Opportunity! Research on Cell Phone Use

>I thought I would share the following info as it sounded interesting and 
>everyone can use a little extra cash around this time of year.
> Connie Leblond
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> Subject: FW: Cell Phone Accessibility: Research Participants Needed
>>  Please feel free to share widely, as appropriate.
>> -Jim-
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>>>Subject: Cell Phone Accessibility: Research Participants Needed
>>>Hi.  Please pardon the imposition.  I am actively seeking participants
>>>with vision loss to take part in a research study for a graduate thesis.
>>>I was hoping you could share this information with members of the VISIONS
>>>community to see if anyone is interested.   I would be happy to provide
>>>additional information to you or any members of VISIONS.  We will not
>>>place any participants under undue stress, and they can withdraw from
>>>participation at any time.
>>>Thanks for your consideration.  Details are listed below.
>>>Christine Fitts
> mailto:cfittsy at gmail.com>cfittsy at gmail.com
>>>Here are some details:
>>>I am studying inclusive design in mobile devices.  My research is focused
>>>on how museums developing mobile tours using iPods and cell phones can
>>>make them more accessible.   We are looking for participants with vision
>>>loss who are avid cell phone users.  They will be asked to record each
>>>time they use their cell phone to access the Internet, send an email or
>>>use an application over a one-week period.  They will NOT have to record
>>>phone calls or text messages, and will not be asked to record during work
>>>hours.  Participants will be reimbursed $50 for participating with the
>>>opportunity to earn an additional $1/diary entry (up to $50) - all paid 
>>>an Amazon.com gift card.
>>>We are looking for participants who can answer "yes" to each of the
>>>- I am 21 years of age or older
>>>- I am living with a disability
>>>- I use my cell phone to go online or use applications (email, podcasts,
>>>etc.) on a regular basis
>>>- I use assistive technologies on my cell phone
>>>- I can start the study any day between November 11 and November 25 (and
>>>participate for one week).
>>>If you are interested, please contact Christine Fitts at
> mailto:cfittsy at gmail.com>cfittsy at gmail.com
> or 917-971-2253.
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