[nfbwatlk] And Then there Was Bradley

Bennett bjprows at comcast.net
Sat Dec 19 16:22:24 UTC 2009

Well, ok.  Now we have Milton Bradley.  He's a left fielder, and a pretty good hitter too.  He has of course had a very checkered career with some completely irrelevant battles with fans, players, officials, etc, and some relevant actions, pushing of umpires, etc.  But, we've dealt with folks with anger before, and they've mostly *seemeD* AT LEAST TO GET ALONG AFTER THEY LEARN OUR SYSTEM AND TEAM.(Remember Carl Everett.)    

Bradley loves Griffey, and that might help in this case.  I have personally always liked Milton Bradley, and wish him and us the best this year.  

Let's hear it for GM Zorienzik.  

B. P.

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