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      Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan

      Improve your health in 2009: Take a walk

      New research illustrates the health benefits of regular walking, biking, or taking public transportation to work, school, or shopping. So why not save yourself a few dollars on gas and improve your health at the same time? Take a walk.in your neighborhood, or in a new neighborhood. A variety of walking maps are available here.

      Stay tuned for the release of the Pedestrian Master Plan. Join the listserv to receive updates on the launch of the plan and the public comment period.

      Plan Overview 

      Walking is the oldest and most efficient, affordable, and environmentally-friendly form of transportation there is-it's how transit riders eventually reach their destinations, and it's the primary way that neighbors get to know one another and begin to build strong communities. Nearly everyone, for at least some portion of every day, is a pedestrian. That is why the City of Seattle is developing a Pedestrian Master Plan to make Seattle the most walkable city in the nation. 

      Goals of the Plan 

      The Pedestrian Master Plan strives to make Seattle the most walkable city in the nation. In order to do this, the project team and advisory group will identify actions, projects, and programs to achieve the following goals: 

      . SAFETY: Reduce the number and severity of crashes involving pedestrians 

      . EQUITY: Make Seattle a more walkable city for all through equity in public engagement, service delivery, accessibility, and capital investments 

      . VIBRANCY: Develop a pedestrian environment that sustains healthy communities and supports a vibrant economy 

      . HEALTH: Raise awareness of the important role of walking in promoting health and preventing disease 

      Along with other transportation agencies and City departments, SDOT is involving public health experts, law enforcement representatives, issue advocates, community advisors, environmental leaders, and the general public to incorporate the best practices, most current research, and innovative design strategies into the Pedestrian Master Plan. Seattle's Pedestrian Master Plan will define the actions needed to make Seattle the most walkable city in the nation. 

      SDOT Project Contacts

      For more information about the Pedestrian Master Plan, you may contact Barbara Gray, SDOT Project Manager, at barbara.gray at seattle.gov or by phone at 206-615-0872 or Jennifer Wieland, SDOT Project Staff, at jennifer.wieland at seattle.gov or by phone at 206-733-9970. 


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