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Subject: 2009 Budget- Protecting Public Safety and Human Services


Dear Neighbor, 

Across the nation, governments at all levels are experiencing some of the
toughest financial struggles that our nation has ever seen. Today, I
released my plan to balance Seattle's 2009 general fund budget. 
Although I had to make difficult choices to cut $13.3 million from the
budget, I refused to falter from my commitments to protect those who are
most vulnerable and to keep our neighborhoods safe. 

No funding for human services or food programs will be compromised. I could
not in good conscience take away these vital services from those who need it
most during such tough times. Emergency shelters, day centers, and hygiene
services will still receive $11 million, and $4.2 million will be used for
food programs. 

I also did not waver from local government's paramount duty to maintain
public safety. I will still hire 21 new police officers in 2009, and the
city will have more officers patrolling our streets this year than ever
before. The Neighborhood Policing Plan will continue to be implemented, and
my promise to reduce youth violence by 50% through the Youth Violence
Prevention Initiative remains intact. 

While these decisions were difficult, I am proud we were able balance the
budget without raising fees, taxes or rates and we still have $25 million in
our rainy day fund if the economy worsens.  Because of smart decisions we
have made over the last seven years, our financial house is in good order to
weather this storm. 

Thank you for your support and everything you do to make a difference in


Greg Nickels 



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