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Lisa, I am a little concerned about your message.  I agree that you have worked hard.  However, none of us live in a bubble.  I share your disappointment about the students" division.  I have been in the federation for thirty-five years, and a students' division particularly on a state level has always been a struggle.

We do not need to get in to a discussion about people';s commitment.  As you know, all of the work is not done on the list serve or telephone.  Maybe, some of us do not spend enough time telling other people how much we spend on raising money, or organizing convention, working on legislation, or doing advocacy.  We are all volunteers.

The challenge remains the building of an active and productive movement.  The NFBW is one of fifty-two affiliates.  We get the job done collectively.  All of us need to generate ideas and action.  We are all volunteers.  If it was not for jobs, college, families and everyday living, there would be a lot of time.

It is my plan to start communicating with the members of the fundraising committee.  However, anyone on the committee is welcome to call me, and we can talk.  Since we are on the subject, we are currently filling out some paper work related to a bequest.  Most members of the Federation do not understand how much paper work there is.  For the most part, the treasurer and president do the endless paper work.  Delegating the paper work is not a realistic option.

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I am very disappointed about the lack of interest in the Student Division.
The convention was a good experience; however it could have been done better.

I appeal to all officeers in this division  to recommit themselves to  this division. I appeal to all students also. I think it is a disserve to our membership when we don't even show up to elect officers or even to commit ourselves to even talking on the phone.

Jennifer "Jedi" Moerke has worked tirelessly on all our belf. I thank her for her dedication. Everyone knows where respnsibility lies. I will not allow this division to fold up like a house of cards. This dision as well as the Bellingham chapter and this affiliate are far too important.

We in WA are as strong or as weak as we wish. Fund raising needs to be  taken seriously if this afiliate is to survive. No one seems to care about this issue either.

Jedi is very upset and frustrated at the NFB of WA; I share her  frustration.
I share her dedication and commitment. We can't do this alone.

I renew my commitment to this affiliate, the Student Division & the  CFB.

I will do whatever it takes to keep things going.

We need you to help.

Lisa A. Owen
Treasurer Officer & Fund Raising Chair
The Northwest Chapter
Secretary Officer
The NFB of WA Student Division
Fund Raising Committee Membeer
The Canadian Federation of the Blind
_nfbnorthwest at aol.com_ (mailto:nfbnorthwest at aol.com)

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