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Sat May 15 02:46:56 UTC 2021

>Paid Opportunity to Participate in a Research Study
>1. Study Title:
>Studying tools to manage and share pictures
>2. Study Description:
>We are a group of researchers from University of Illinois conducting 
>research to help blind people and people with low vision manage and 
>share pictures to social media free of private and sensitive 
>information. We have designed a mobile App to let users screen 
>private and sensitive information of pictures they want to share 
>using both artificial intelligence (AI) and human effort.
>We hope that we could study and evaluate this tool we built by 
>letting users try out it in real life scenarios. We want to gain 
>research and practical insights as well as user experience feedback 
>from people with blindness or low vision.
>We ask people with blindness or low vision to participate in our 
>study together with one of their sighted friends. We will divide 
>participants into "requesters" (people with blindness or low vision) 
>and "allies" (requesters' sighted friends). Requesters will be asked 
>to download a mobile App in iOS. The App will first use artificial 
>intelligence services to detect private and sensitive information in 
>the image and then if there's any, would suggest users transfer this 
>image to their allies (sighted friends) for a more thorough check 
>and blur out these sensitive parts.
>3. Estimated time for each user/evaluator to participate in the project:
>1 hour
>4. How many users/evaluators would you like to have participate?
>10 to 20 users/evaluators with blindness or low vision and one of 
>their sighted friend or family member for each
>5. Is there a desired demographic for the users/evaluators?
>No specific demographic is required. However, currently we are only 
>recruiting participants with blindness or low vision using iPhones.
>6. Can the testing be conducted remotely, or does the user/evaluator 
>need to travel to a specific location?
>Yes, the testing will be conducted remotely through Zoom/
>7. List any special skills, and the skill level, the 
>users/evaluators should have in order to participate:
>The only criteria is that we are recruiting users/evaluators who use 
>iPhones and have taken or are interested in taking pictures to share 
>to social media. However, allies (friends or family members) can use 
>any electronic devices to participate in the study, as long as they 
>have access to the Internet.
>8. Compensation
>Yes. All participants including people with blindness and low vision 
>as well as their sighted friends will be compensated with $20 for 
>participating in the user study, and $10 for the exit interview. 
>Participants will be paid up to $30 for successful completion of the 
>whole study. In addition, participants will be paid $10 extra 
>compensation if they refer this study to friends who also 
>successfully completed the study.
>9. Sign-up
>Please use the following link to fill in the survey. We will reach 
>out to participants upon receiving the responses.
>Stacie Dubnow, J.D.
>Project Manager
>200 East Wells Street, Baltimore, MD 21230
>410-659-9314, extension 2442 | <mailto:sdubnow at nfb.org>sdubnow at nfb.org
>National Federation of the Blind
>     <https://twitter.com/NFB_Voice>
>     <https://www.youtube.com/NationsBlind>
>The National Federation of the Blind is a community of members and 
>friends who believe in the hopes and dreams of the nation's blind. 
>Every day we work together to help blind people live the lives they want.
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