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As part of our BUILD program, the National Federation of the Blind is
searching for blind and low-vision individuals to participate in one hour
of remote user testing of the accessibility of maps and search apps.
Compensation between $115.00 - $150.00 will be provided. If you meet the
following criteria and are interested in participating, please email me
with the subject line "Eyesquare BUILD project applicant". 

Please note, in addition to this short questionnaire, there will be an
additional ten minute phone call to determine whether or not you are a fit
for this particular study. 

 	* You are over the age of 18 and mostly/completely rely on screen reading
software on your smartphone.
 	* You frequently use an Android phone with an system version 9.0 or
 	* You use Google maps: 1x week ( ) 1x per month ( ) Other, please
 	* You use Google Maps for: navigation ( ) find information about
locations ( ) rate places/ write reviews ( ) Other, please specify:
 	* You are open to updating your Google Maps App to the latest version. 
 	* In addition to your smartphone you have access to a computer or a
tablet with an internet connection or a landline phone, and you consent to
being observed remotely and recorded while conducting user testing.

If interested, please reply to sdubnow at nfb.org with the following
information and the subject line "Eyesquare BUILD project applicant": 

 Phone Number:
 Date of Birth: 

Thank you! 


The Blind Users Innovating and Leading Design (BUILD) program [2] is a
National Federation of the Blind database of blind users to test and
evaluate the accessibility of products and services. Some of these projects
offer compensation, premiums like gift cards, or product discounts. Every
day we raise the expectations of blind people, because low expectations
create obstacles between blind people and our dreams. Thank you for your



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