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Dick Davis, Chair
NFB Employment Committee
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Dear Colleague,

The National Federation of the Blind’s Employment 
Committee would like to invite you to submit a 
proposal to speak at our 2020 Job Seeker’s 
Seminar! This year’s seminar will occur during 
National Convention in Houston Texas on Tuesday 
July 14 from 1-5 p.m. Although you will not be 
paid for presenting, doing so will afford you the 
opportunity to share your insights, advance the 
knowledge base of well over 100 job seekers, and 
add a national presentation to your resume or CV.

Your presentation should cover a topic that is of 
interest to people at the intersection of 
blindness and employment. Be mindful that your 
audience will include blind jobseekers, national 
employers, and professionals in the blindness 
field. These people will represent various ages, 
socioeconomic backgrounds, geographic regions, 
races and ethnicities, religious backgrounds, 
disabilities, sexual orientations, gender 
identities, and so much more. Your presentation 
should be as unique, diverse, and dynamic as your 
audience. We are accepting proposals for 5 to 
10-minute presentations and 30 minute or more breakout sessions.

Here are a few potential topics, but feel free to 
submit proposals on any topic you find relevant:

•                   Interviewing Skills
•                   Writing Resumes/CVs, Cover Letters, etc.
•                   Dressing for Success
•                   Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace
•                   Negotiating Salary
•                   Local, State, and/or National 
Employment Programs/Initiatives (Schedule A, 
Ticket to Work, Employment Immersion Programs, etc.)
•                   Ableism and Microaggressions
•                   SSI, SSDI, and Income Tax
•                   How Blindness Skills Enhance Employability
•                   Organizing/Labeling Your Office
•                   Requesting Reasonable Accommodations
•                   Internships and Other Experience Opportunities

To submit your proposal, complete the attached 
Word document in its entirety and e-mail it to 
Bobbi Pompey at 
<mailto:bobbipompey at gmail.com>bobbipompey at gmail.com. 
She can also be reached at this e-mail address or 
(336) 988-6375 with any questions. The deadline 
for submissions is May 1st; you will be notified 
of your proposal’s acceptance by May 15th; and 
you will need to commit to presenting by May 
31st. If you do not want to present but would 
like to suggest someone else, please pass the 
attached form on to them and let Bobbi know.

We Look forward to hearing and learning from you all!

NFB Employment Committee

National Federation of the Blind
Employment Committee

Job Seeker Seminar Proposal Submission Form

Presenter’s Information

Gender Pronoun(s):
State Affiliate and/or other NFB Affiliations and Positions:
E-mail Address:
Phone Number:
Relevant Work or Educational Experience:

***If other people will be presenting with you, 
or a member of your panel please include the 
above information for them as well***

Presentation Information

Presentation Title/Topic:
Presentation Format (Presentation or Breakout Session):

Please provide a thorough description of your 
presentation. Include what you want audience 
members to learn from your presentation? What 
information you will cover? How do you plan on 
teaching this topic? Why is this topic important? 
Will you be providing handouts for participants?

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