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McGinnity, Julie JMcGinnity at nfb.org
Sat Mar 16 03:35:07 UTC 2019

Dear fellow federationists,

On April 4th, the CW plans to launch a television 
series called “In the Dark,” which features a 
blind character as the lead.  This series is just 
the latest in a long line of shows and movies 
about the blind without the blind. The National 
Federation of the Blind was not consulted at all 
by the CW during the writing or casting process, 
and the producers claim they could not find a 
blind actress to play the leading role.  For this 
reason, and in light of resolutions passed by our 
conventions on this topic, we issued a 
statement urging the cancellation of the series. 
We now need to follow up that statement with 
action. We cannot allow Hollywood to define us 
any longer.  The blind belong at the center of 
our own stories, playing blind characters and 
taking our place on screen alongside our sighted colleagues.

It is time for blind performers to speak up and 
share our experiences.  We must dispel the myth 
that blind talent does not exist and demand to 
increase opportunities for blind actors of all 
skill levels.  Together we can show Hollywood 
that there shall be no excuses for their failure to cast us.

Fellow performers, we would like to hear from you:

·         Connect with us if you have ever been 
discouraged from being an actor or performer. 
Email your story to <mailto:cdanielsen at nfb.org>cdanielsen at nfb.org.
·         Likewise, if you have a successful 
experience acting in a film, tv show, or stage 
production, please share your story with us by 
emailing <mailto:cdanielsen at nfb.org>cdanielsen at nfb.org
·         If you are a performer and would be 
available to help us with an event in New York 
City the first week of April, please call me at (410)659-9314 (Ex. 2509).

·         Show your support on social media.  Use #LetUsPlayUs.

I look forward to hearing your stories and 
working with you to raise expectations in Hollywood.

Julie Mcginnity
President, national Federation of the Blind Performing Arts Division

Julie McGinnity
Program Specialist
200 East Wells Street, Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 659-9314, extension 2509  | JMcGinnity

National Federation of the Blind


The National Federation of the Blind is a 
community of members and friends who believe in 
the hopes and dreams of the nation’s blind. Every 
day we work together to help blind people live the lives they want.

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