[Nfbnet-members-list] National Association of Guide Dog Users' Town Hall Meeting

president at nagdu.org president at nagdu.org
Sat Jan 12 04:54:02 UTC 2019

Please circulate the following message as widely as appropriate.

                 The National Association of 
Guide Dog Users is a strong and proud division of 
the National Federation of the Blind. As the 
leader in service animal user advocacy and 
policy, we are the most dynamic, influential 
voice of guide dog users in the United States. If 
you are a guide dog user or interested in guide 
dog user initiatives, The National Association of 
Guide Dog Users is for you! In order for us to be 
the representative voice of guide dog users, we 
need your input and involvement on an ongoing basis.

                 On Wednesday, January 16, the 
National Association of Guide Dog Users will host 
a town hall meeting to share vital information 
about the Association and our plans for the 
future. This meeting will be held on the Zoom 
Cloud Meeting platform at 8:00 p.m. Eastern (7:00 
p.m. Central; 6:00 p.m. Mountain; & 5:00 p.m. 
Pacific). The instructions for joining the 
meeting are immediately below this message. 
During this meeting you will have the opportunity to

·         Meet the leadership of NAGDU at the state and national levels
·         Find out how we are positioning 
ourselves in the service animal movement
·         Learn about our advocacy with the airline industry
·         Hear about our current advocacy initiatives
·         Get involved in our efforts
·         Help us plan for the future
·         Prepare for our national convention

There are now three ways to join NAGDU meetings:
 From any computer or Smart device, activate the 
following link and follow the instructions:

You will need a microphone on your computer in 
order to have your voice heard in the cloud!
2.       Tap one of these links from any smart phone:
+16699006833,,8136262789# or
You can also add one of these numbers to your 
contacts list so you can use them for future meetings!

3. Manually call by dialing either (669) 900-6833 
or (408) 638-0968, then entering the ID 8136262789.

The following are a few commands which can be 
used during the meeting based on how you joined.
1. Telephone: *6 to mute or unmute. *9 to raise your hand.
2. Windows: ALT+A to mute or unmute. ALT+Y to raise your hand.
3. Mac: CMD+SHIFT+A to mute or unmute. OPTION+Y to raise your hand.
4. Activate this link for a full list of commands 
from either Windows or Mac: 


We look forward to a very productive 2019 and 
beyond. If you have any questions, please know I 
have an open door policy. Please feel free to 
call or write me. My contact information is below my signature.

Fraternally yours,

Marion Gwizdala, President
National Association of Guide Dog Users Inc. (NAGDU)
National Federation of the Blind
(813) 626-2789
President at NAGDU.ORG
<http://nagdu.org/>Visit our website
<http://twitter.com/nagdu>Follow us on Twitter
The National Federation of the Blind knows that 
blindness is not the characteristic that defines 
you or your future. Every day we raise 
expectations because low expectations create 
barriers between blind  people and our dreams. 
You can live the life you want! Blindness is not what holds you back.

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