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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Mon Oct 16 02:46:36 UTC 2017

>Over the past few weeks I have conducted 
>conference calls about Aira, the visual 
>interpreter for the blind. The response has been 
>tremendous and I thank all of you who have 
>participated. Many of you have written with 
>questions as well as asking when I will be 
>holding another call. So, I have scheduled 
>another call for Thursday, October 19, 2017, to 
>introduce you to Aira. Since some of you have 
>said you cannot make a Wednesday call we are trying a different day this time.
>Perhaps you have heard of Aira or perhaps you 
>have not yet heard of this incredible product. 
>We call Aira “a visual interpreter for blind 
>and low vision persons”. With Aira anyone can 
>accomplish tasks usually inaccessible to blind 
>people because they require significant eye 
>sight to perform them, more eye sight than we have ourselves.
>So, what is Aira exactly? Aira is a product 
>consisting of smart glasses with a tiny 
>high-resolution video camera, an app on a 
>smartphone, and a specially trained agent who 
>describes the images seen by the glasses’ 
>camera. To use Aira a blind person contacts Aira 
>through the Aira app. When a request is made an 
>agent is called by the smartphone while at the 
>same time a video internet connection is 
>established between the agent and the glasses. 
>When the agent answers the call from the user, 
>not only does the agent see what the camera 
>transmits, but they also receive gps and Google 
>map data showing where the user is and what is geographically around them.
>Agents are specifically hired because they have 
>an aptitude for describing and providing 
>information as required. They go through special 
>training and a rigorous battery of tests before 
>they are permitted to accept calls and go to 
>work. Aira agents do not help, but rather they 
>provide information. If, for example, you use 
>Aira while walking and you approach a street 
>corner the Aira agent will not tell you when it 
>is safe to cross the street. The agent can 
>indicate it they see cars coming and they can 
>tell you when the traffic light turns green for 
>you. Aira does not replace canes, guide dogs or 
>your travel skills. Instead, Aira enhances your 
>toolbox of information gathering techniques.
>People have used Aira to go shopping, travel 
>through airports and malls, better perform 
>household tasks such as identifying and 
>preparing meals, putting on makeup, visiting 
>places such as amusement parks and Arlington 
>cemetery, assembling items and even running in 
>the Boston Marathon. Aira is limited in what it 
>can do only by your imagination.
>If you want to learn more about Aira you are 
>invited to attend the teleconference call on 
>Wednesday, October 19, 2017 at 2PM Hawaiian 
>time, 5PM Pacific time, 6PM Mountain time, 7PM 
>Central time, and 8PM Eastern time. If you are 
>wondering why I list all times it is because I 
>want to point out that Aira is available to 
>everyone throughout the United States. Oh yes, 
>this does include Alaska which means some may be 
>calling in at 9PM. To attend all you need to do 
>is to dial in with the phone number (605) 
>468-8004, and enter the access code 329906# when 
>the call is answered. During the call, you will 
>learn all you wish to know about Aira. We shall 
>be conducting a live demonstration with an Aira 
>agent assisting me, or at least describing to 
>you what I am doing as well as helping me answer your questions.
>Should you have questions you wish to ask me 
>before the call please feel free to contact me 
>directly at 
><mailto:michael.hingson at aira.io>michael.hingson at aira.io 
>and I will do my best to provide a timely 
>response. I hope to see you next Thursday and I 
>look forward to you joining the Aira family. 
>Below my signature are some links you can click 
>on to learn more about Aira. Thank you for your time. Â
>Best regards
>Michael Hingson
>Director of Strategic Sales
>Overview Blog€
>- A primer on Aira.

>on CNBC
>Meet Candice Jordan ​ ​an amazing Aira user and advocate.
>Abilities Podcast - Independent review of Aira.
>Aira, a Visual Interpreter for the Blind
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