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Sun Oct 2 17:56:30 UTC 2016

> Hello all,
> My name is Tara Abella and I am chair of the NFB Community Service Division Service awards program. This program will allow you to keep track of your community service hours, reflect on your service experiences, and earn awards for achieving various levels of service. In order to join the program, follow these three easy steps. 
> 1: once a month, write one brief description including your name, state, the number of hours you served, and what you did while serving. 
> 2: email your description to: serviceawards at nfbcommunityservice.org
> 3: check the awards spreadsheet located at: http://www.nfb.communityservice.org/serviceawards 
> Here, you can see your service hours, how you compare to others, and your award level you have achieved. An email will be sent out when service hours have been updated. 
> The program will run from October 2016 through June 2017. At the end of June, your hours will be totaled to determine which award you will receive. The awards are as follows: 60 to 79 hours for bronze, 80 to 99 hours for silver, and 99 or above hours for gold. Awards will either be sent to you via mail or given during an awards ceremony at the NFB National convention in July. Remember, hours are only granted for direct service; attending meetings or lectures is not considered community service for this program. I encourage all volunteers to participate and the individuals with the most hours each month will be recognized in the email saying when ours have been updated. If you have any questions email them to serviceawards at nfbcommmunityservice.org. I look forward to hearing about all of the fantastic community service our family is doing and serving with you!
> Thank you for all you do,
> Tara Abella; Board Member NFB Community Service Division   

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