[Nfbnet-members-list] Requesting Your Assistance to Provide Materials to Blind Youth in Nicaragua

Sean Whalen smwhalenpsp at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 01:31:56 UTC 2016

Greetings fellow


My name is Sean Whalen. I
currently serve as the
president of the National
Association of Blind Students
and have been heavily involved
with the work of the
Federation for nearly a
decade. I am currently on a
deferral from law school and
am living and working in
Nicaragua with blind youth
through a small NGO call
Empowerment Through
Integration (ETI). Having seen
the immense positive impact
that exposure to a positive
philosophy on blindness and
the development of the
essential skills of blindness
had in my life, I am now
attempting to provide those
skills and that philosophy to
blind youngsters in Nicaragua.


One of the greatest challenges
in the education of blind kids
here is a lack of resources.
That is why I am asking for
your help. As National
Convention approaches, I am
reaching out to my extended
Federation family in an
attempt to collect materials
of use to blind youth and
their educators. I have
established relationships with
organizations of, and schools
for, the blind here in
Nicaragua. And they are all in
desperate need of basic
materials. Canes, slates,
Braille paper, accessible cell
phones, tablets, old laptops:
these are all things that are
difficult to come by and very
much needed. I am asking you,
as you pack for Convention, if
you have any of these items
and are not using them, or
anything else that would be of
use to blind youth, please
consider tossing them in your
suitcase and letting me take
them back with me after
Convention to distribute to
schools and training programs
for blind kids. If you have
materials to donate, but can't
bring them to Orlando, please
contact me and we can arrange
for you to send them to ETI in
Boston via free matter, from
where I will pick them up
prior to flying back to
Central America. And if you
don't have anything to donate
but wish to support the cause,
please contact me directly and
we would be thrilled to accept
any donations to our 501C3
organization. All funds will
be used to provide canes and
other basic materials for
blind youngsters here. 


Do you have more slates than
you know what to do with, or
an old iPhone laying in a
drawer collecting dust? These
items that you scarcely think
about could make a real
meaningful difference in the
lives of blind kids who are
not as fortunate as we were to
have the training and
opportunities offered in our
country. If you have any
questions at all about our
work or about donating to the
effort, please do not hesitate
to contact me at
smwhalenpsp at gmail.com or by
texting or calling 608


Thank you very much, and see
you in Orlando!




Sean Whalen

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