[Nfbnet-members-list] FW: Help a blind exchange student

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Fri Jul 22 21:23:52 UTC 2016

>I work for a nonprofit organization that designs 
>educational exchange programs for international 
>students. These students learn about American 
>culture and values firsthand by living with an 
>American host family and attending an American 
>high school for a year. We place these students 
>in communities throughout the U.S.
>One of our students who will be arriving in 
>August is Tea from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She 
>is an aspiring journalist and we are very 
>excited to see what this upcoming year in the 
>U.S. has in store for her. We know that Tea is 
>eager to experience not only American culture as 
>a whole, but also learn for herself the 
>differences in accessibility and resources for 
>people in the United States who are visually 
>impaired. Our students typically arrive ready to 
>embrace new experiences! Her exchange program, 
>the YES Program, is sponsored by the U.S. 
>Department of State, which means Tea underwent a 
>rigorous screening and application process­the 
>acceptance rate for the program is only 3% out 
>of tens of thousands of applicants.
>We are hoping to spread information about Tea to 
>people who may be interested in hosting her 
>because we truly believe this will be a 
>transformative experience for both our student 
>and for a family who opens their home to her. If 
>you feel this is something that may interest 
>your group, I would be pleased to speak with you 
>further and provide additional information about 
>this bright, young scholarship student.
>Amanda Morgan
>Amanda Morgan
>Senior Program Officer, International Student Support Team
>American Councils for International Education
>1828 L Street N.W., Suite 1200
>Washington, D.C. 20036
>T: 202-833-7522
>Toll-free:  1-866-790-2086
>F: 202-833-7523
>AC logo signature
>·                     * * * *
>“Hello! My name is Tea. I hope that you will 
>consider me as a member of your family so 
>together we can create memories that will last 
>forever!” Tea and her family enjoy cooking, 
>playing board games, and sharing picnics. 
>Although visually impaired, Tea quickly adapts 
>to new environments – her parents agree that it 
>won’t take long to be familiar with her new 
>school and host family surroundings. They are 
>proud of her adaptability and independence; in 
>familiar environments she navigates 
>independently with the assistance of a white 
>cane. Tea tutors children in her free time, and 
>she says “I love helping kids! I improve myself 
>through this activity, and I help others with my 
>knowledge.” Helping in the community is 
>important to Tea, “we need to work for our 
>country and for our future.” In the future, she 
>aspires to become a journalist. “I want to 
>improve my community. Protecting human rights is 
>my goal and making people talk about things that 
>need to be improved.” At school, Tea is an 
>active member of debate and enjoys singing in 
>the choir. She is very active and enjoys 
>bicycling, playing basketball, and gymnastics. 
>Tea loves spending time with friends, especially 
>going to the theater and watching movies. She is 
>the friend to ask for a book recommendation as 
>she is an avid reader and writer. To her host 
>family, she writes, “I’m looking forward to 
>meeting you and learning about American culture from you!”
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