[Nfbnet-members-list] Dick Davis/BLIND Inc. Retirement

Dick Davis ddavis at blindinc.org
Mon Aug 29 17:48:46 UTC 2016

Dear NFB Members,

I am using this mechanism to let you all know 
that I will be stepping down from the position of 
associate director of BLIND, Inc.  later this 
year.  I am going to semi-retire rather than 
fully retire.  I will be moving to a part time 
project coordinator position, which means I can 
work on those things that executive director Dan 
Wenzel and the other staff don't have time to do.

Regardless of the date of the actual transition, 
BLIND, Inc. is going to have a semi-retirement 
party for me <x-apple-data-detectors://0>on 
Saturday, October 
from 3 p.m. to 8, 9, or 
<x-apple-data-detectors://1>10 p.m., or whenever 
everyone leaves.  Everyone who wants to come is invited.
  If you want to come, contact Sid Starnes at 
<tel:612-872-0100>612-872-0100 or at 
<mailto:sstarnes at blindinc.org>sstarnes at blindinc.org. 
 If you want to send your regrets and/or well 
wishes, please use my personal e-mail, 
<mailto:dickblind at gmail.com>dickblind at gmail.com.

One individual already called asking if there is 
a job description for my soon to be open 
position.  The answer is no.  Dan and others say 
it will be impossible to replace me.  Some of my 
work will be farmed out to others, and the duties 
themselves will likely depend on what kind of 
replacement or replacements we can find.  The 
position will be assistant director, not 
associate director.  So if you are interested, 
send Dan a resume at 
<mailto:dwenzel at blindinc.org>dwenzel at blindinc.org 
or call him at 
<tel:612-872-0100>612-872-0100.  Applicants can be either blind or sighted.

Some cautions: if you don't know something about 
management, administration, and job placement, no 
need to apply.  This is a #2 job, which requires 
an individual who is a self-starter, strong, 
doesn’t have a big ego, and can work 
collaboratively with Dan to develop and enhance programs at BLIND, Inc.

Yes, I am going to stay as chair of the NFB 
Employment Committee as long as our president and 
I both believe I can do a good job at it.  Lots 
of good things are happening there, and it should be lots of fun for some time.

All the best,

Dick Davis
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