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Imagineering Our Future

  Issue 88 

August 2016   

In this issue:
Message from the President <> 
What's News at the NFB <> 
Braille Certification Training Program <> 
>From the tenBroek Library <> 
Education <> 
Independence Market <> 
Advocacy <> 
Access Technology <> 
NFB Calendar <> 
Citation <> 

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Message from the President

Dear Friends:

We recently returned from the annual family reunion-the convention of the
National Federation of the Blind. If you have come to know our organization,
had the opportunity to break bread with Federation members, and experienced
our national convention, you understand why many of us think of it as a
family reunion. For blind people, the convention is like home. It is a space
where blindness is not the characteristic that defines us and where we are
allowed to consider our hopes and dreams without the unfounded limits that
others often place upon us based on their false fears about blindness.

The poet Maya Angelou once said, "The ache for home lives in all of us, the
safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned." It is in that
space, that home, that we create for each other in the National Federation
of the Blind that we can examine the false limits placed upon us and
consider how we continue to expand the possibilities. In the environment of
the national convention, I always learn something new about the
possibilities for blind people and I get energized to go out and transform
our dreams into reality.

So much of what we hear about in the world has to do with fear. In fact,
much of the policy that is promoted, the restrictions that are set, and the
anger we experience comes from fear. Yet, often in our home is where we have
the least amount of fear and where we can take a step back and reflect on
the world around us. I was honored to have the opportunity at our home of
the national convention to explore fear-how it artificially limits us and
how we might positively understand it to expand the possibilities for us. I
invite you to read " The Understanding of Fear and the Power of Progress
" to see my thoughts on this topic and to share your own thoughts so we can
continue to expand our understanding and explore new opportunities together.

I also invite you to make plans to come to our family reunion next summer in
Orlando. During the fall, many of our state affiliates will be having
state-level reunions and I also invite you to plan to attend one of those as
a way of getting to know our organization at the local level.

Warmest regards,

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Mark A. Riccobono, President
National Federation of the Blind

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What's News at the NFB

Submit Title II SANPRM Comments - Deadline Extended

The deadline has been extended to September 2, 2016, to submit comments on
web accessibility to the DOJ. More information can be found on at
and http://www.ada.gov/regs2016/sanprm.html
. To submit your comments, visit the NFB's webform
or contact Kyle Walls at (410) 659-9314, extension2223, or kwalls at nfb.org.

Health Care Kiosk Accessibility Agreement

The Massachusetts Attorney General, Maura Healey, and the National
Federation of the Blind have reached an agreement with Pursuant Health, a
company that manufactures and operates thousands of self-service health care
kiosks in retail stores nationwide, that requires them to make kiosks and
website accessible to consumers who are blind or visually impaired.

NFB-NEWSLINER Expands Feature Allowing Independent Job Searches for the

The NFB has added USA JOBS to the job listings feature of NFB-NEWSLINER, a
free information service it provides, with support from state sponsors, for
people who are blind and print disabled. You can find details online on the
NFB website

New York Lawsuit Over Inaccessible Online Voter Registration

The NFB, the Center for the Independence of the Disabled, and individual
plaintiffs who are blind, sued the New York State Board of Elections and
Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) over online voter registration that is
inaccessible to people with disabilities. Find the full press release at

HathiTrust and the NFB to Make 14M+ Books Accessible

More than fourteen million digital books will soon be made available to
blind and print-disabled users, thanks to a new collaboration involving the
NFB and the HathiTrust Digital Library, a digital repository hosted at the
University of Michigan. Find out more online

Adult Rehabilitation and Employment Survey

If you are blind or visually impaired, reside in the United States, and are
at least eighteen years of age, we invite you to participate in this survey
so that we can gain a better understanding of your experiences as an adult
who is blind or visually impaired, including your experiences with
education, employment, training, and vocational rehabilitation.

If you complete this survey, you will be entered into a drawing in which
five individuals will win a $100 VISA gift card. We offer you three ways to
complete the survey: website ( www.pdrib.com/ares
), email (pdrib2016 at gmail.com), or phone [(318) 257-2029].

2016 Blind Educator of the Year

The NFB has named Kathy Nimmer, a teacher at William Henry Harrison High
School in West Lafayette, Indiana, as its 2016 Blind Educator of the Year.
Read the full press release at

2016 Distinguished Educator of Blind Students

The NFB has named Janet Bernhardt, an educational consultant at the
Louisiana Center for the Blind, as its 2016 Distinguished Educator of Blind
Students. Read the full press release at

Dr. Jacob Bolotin Awards

At the 2016 National Convention, the ninth annual Dr. Jacob Bolotin Awards
were presented to four innovators who are helping blind people live the
lives they want. The list of winners is available at

National Federation of the Blind Scholarship Winners

The winners of its 2016 scholarships were awarded at the 2016 NFB National
Convention in Orlando. You can find the list of winners at

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Braille Certification Training Program

Under a contract with the National Library Service for the Blind and
Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress (NLS), the National Federation
of the Blind administers the courses leading to NLS certification of Braille
transcribers and proofreaders.

Starting in January 2015, all new students in the literary
transcribing/proofreading courses began learning under the rules of Unified
English Braille (UEB), and students who had been working in the older
version of the course were switched to the new version during the year.

Successful completion of these rigorous courses requires a great deal of
time and effort on the part of the students. We congratulate the following
individuals who earned certification in literary transcribing during the
month of March, April, and May, 2016, achieving certificates under the rules
of Unified English Braille:


Brendan Goldberg, Phoenix


Nicholas D. Swinney, Little Rock


Daniel William Augusti Wilcox, Burlington


Arnold William McElroy, Alamo


Gene E. Campbell, Anamosa
Rodney Wayne Minter, Newton

North Carolina

Tevin D. McNeill, Laurinburg


Jessica Thomas, Cleveland


Sandra Hofstadler, Troy
Nancy Elizabeth van Kluyve, Troy


Angelica Dibella Lira, Gig Harbor


Jamie L. Krueger, Oshkosh
Christopher Robinson, Oshkosh

The updating of the Nemeth and music courses to align with UEB is ongoing.
Congratulations to the following students who achieved certification in the
current version of the Nemeth transcribing course during the months of
March, April, and May:


Leo Sisco, Camarillo
Deborah C. Ting, Stanford


Tyreek D. Brown, Wilmington


Nick A. Cherry, Bunker Hill


John Ray Estes, Anamosa


Petr Viktorovich Strizheus, Lincoln


Allan Ray Abruzzino, Grafton

South Carolina

Melissa Faye Burriss, Greenwood


Jennifer Susanne Effren, Copperas Cove

For transcribers and proofreaders who were certified prior to the adoption
of UEB and need to update their credentials, a test was developed to allow
them to earn a letter of proficiency in UEB, which is an add-on credential
to an existing certificate. As of this writing, 140 individuals have earned
this letter of proficiency in Unified English Braille from the Library of

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>From the tenBroek Library

tenBroek Library Partners with Misericordia University on Summer Internship

This summer the Jacobus tenBroek Library was pleased to partner with
Misericordia University
(MU) to administer our very first summer library internship program. MU is a
Catholic university located in Dallas, Pennsylvania, incidentally only about
a twenty-minute drive from downtown Wilkes-Barres, the birthplace of the
National Federation of the Blind in 1940. Founded in 1924 by the Sisters of
Mercy, MU's mission is to provide their students with a quality education
based on the tenets of mercy, service, justice, andhospitality. One of their
initiatives is to send students out into the community to help build their
professional experience and serve with like-minded organizations. With the
NFB's core commitment to advocating for the equality and independence of
blind people, the two organizations found plenty of common ground when
creating this program and the partnership has proven to be beneficial for
all parties.   

Many applications were received, but ultimately one intern was selected for
the six-week program, during which time they focused on preservation and
documentation projects in the Federation's archives. For several years, the
tenBroek Library has been recording oral history interviews with prominent
NFB leaders and some of our most devoted partners in the blindness field.
Until now the contents of these recordings, most of which range from 90 to
180 minutes in length, have been largely undocumented and unused. To begin
making use of these fascinating recordings, interview logs featuring major
questions and conversation topics with accurate timestamps were created.
Theselogs will enrich the documentation on the program, help archives staff
to plan for the future of the program, and assist researchers looking for
first-hand perspectives on specific subjects.

The other major project tackled during the internship period involved
rehousing a portion of the NFB's extensive print photo collection, which
needed updating to ensure its long-term viability. Also, as part of MU's
requirements for earning course credit, a research paper involving resources
in the tenBroek Library and the NFB's long-established philosophy was
written and submitted for consideration in the Braille Monitor.

We would like to thank intern Alex Lester for his work this summer. Alex's
experiences while working in the tenBroek Library are documented in the "
Interns' Corner
" on MU's local history projects blog. Additionally, the tenBroek Library
would like to thank Dr. Jennifer Black, assistant professor in MU's History
and Government Department, for collaborating on the internship's format,
managing student recruitment, and serving as MU's liaison during the
program. We would also like to thank JessicaGarner, former MU archivist, for
helping to establish the partnership between the NFB and MU. We look forward
to continuing this successful partnership next summer.

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On June 19-25, 2016, the National Federation of the Blind hosted the second
of three NFB EQ programs associated with its National Center for Blind Youth
in Science initiative, which is funded by a three-year grant from the
National Science Foundation (Grant No. 1322855). NFB EQ served twenty-one
blind students (of high school age), and during the course of the week our
NFB EQ students were tasked with solving a real-life problem, which required
them to engineer solutions within some pretty hefty constraints. One piece
of the solution required the students to design and build a life-sized
watercraft. Another piece of the solution was to create and design a water
filtration systemto safely transport drinking water in their watercrafts. It
is through this project that our students are able to hone their engineering
skills-from technical knowledge, to problem-solving abilities, to the
understanding that through engineering one can improve other people's
quality of life. Photos from NFB EQ are forthcoming and can be found on the
National Federation of the Blind
's Facebook page. The next NFB EQ program will be held on July 31 through
August 6, 2016, in addition to an NFB EQ teacher cohort program held August
2-6, 2016.

NFB BELL Academy

As of the first week of August, thirty-five NFB BELL Academy sites have been
completed this summer, six will be partially completed, and five are ready
to begin later in August. Over three hundred students from thirty states and
the District of Columbia have received more than 17,000 hours of support in
Braille and nonvisual skill development in a supportive atmosphere from
positive blind adult role models. When combined with high expectations from
family and the community, our NFB BELL Academy students are prepared to live
the lives they want!

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Independence Market

At the beginning of July, the NFB Independence Market could be found in the
exhibit hall at our annual national convention in Orlando, Florida. Visitors
had an opportunity to browse our entire collection of sales products and
much of the free literature available from the NFB on various
blindness-related topics. We bring all of our sales items, because we know
that our customers appreciate the chance to closely examine products before
making a purchase. We also bring some of the free literature the NFB
produces to acquaint especially new convention attendees with more of the
NFB's positive can-do approach to blindness. And, of course, we would not be
able to operate ourIndependence Market at convention without the many, many
volunteers who help out as product demonstrators, store keepers, and
cashiers. A big thank you goes out to all of you!

A question we frequently hear is, "What's new at the Independence Market
this year?" Here is a partial list.

As some clocks we have been offering for years become no longer available,
we look for new ones to add to our product offerings. This year we have a
new talking travel clock and a new low-vision clock. The Talking Travel
Clock with Countdown Timer and Vibrating Alarm
is fully accessible and speaks in a male voice. The features include time
and date announcements, an optional hourly announcement, an audible and/or
vibrating alarm, and a countdown timer. The setting buttons and
dateannouncement button are located under a protective cover. The LCD
display shows the time and date, and the foldout stand facilitates ease of
viewing. Our Low Vision Digital LED Alarm Clock
displays the time in three-inch-high red digits and operates with AC power.
The alarm, featuring a nine-minute snooze function, can be set for high or
low volume.

Another popular category of products are our games. We now have a portable
Magnetic Checkers
set, that makes it easy to play the game on the go. The game pieces are
either square or round and differ in color.  The game board measures 10 3/4
by 8 3/4 inches and the white squares are raised and the black ones are
recessed. Our Tactile Cribbage Board
, used to keep score when playing thecribbage card game, is also new. The
pegs can be differentiated by touch and are stored in the board. The board
comes with Braille and print directions, but the playing cards must be
purchased separately. We also added the Quiddler card game
to our product offerings. This game is a fascinating cross between Scrabble
and rummy and can be played by anyone who can read and write. The cards are
marked in Braille, and Braille and print instructions are included.

We are often asked if we sell a low-cost, easy-to-operate digital recorder.
We now carry the Olympus Note Corder Dp-311
, which we believe fits the bill. Use this basic, digital, audio recorder
with easy-to-use tactile controls to record voice memos, lectures, and more.
Features include three recording modes; a high quality, large microphone; an
external microphone jack; variable playback speed; optional noise
cancelation during playback; a headphone jack; and a high-power speaker. The
unit records in MP3 format. Recordings may bestored in the two-gig internal
memory (166 hours of recording time) or on SD cards (not included). We also
provide Braille and print instructions written by one of our members, making
learning to use the recorder even easier.

In the next issue of Imagineering we will introduce the remaining products
that were new this year.

For more information about the products and literature available from the
NFB Independence Market, please visit us online or contact us via email at
independencemarket at nfb.org or by phone at (410) 659-9314, extension 2216.

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Accessibility and Self-Advocacy in Higher Education

Just in time for fall semester, the National Federation of the Blind has
released the following resources for college and graduate students and
college administration. Equal access on campus remains a priority area for
the NFB. Too often, blind students are dissuaded from the classes and
degrees of their choice because campuses do not have procedures in place to
provide accessible textbooks, internships, learning management systems, and
other electronic information technology. Self-advocacy is often a critical
skill for success in higher education. Take time now to review the
information below and forward the resources to other blind students and

.    Self-Advocacy in Higher Education Toolkit Version 2.0:

.    High-Stakes Testing Self-Advocacy Toolkit:

.    Higher Education Accessibility Online Resource Center:

For more information, contact Valerie Yingling, paralegal, at (410)
659-9314, extension 2440, or vyingling at nfb.org.

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Access Technology

In July, the access technology team flew, if not literally (though that
would be a welcome skill) then at least in spirit. At national convention,
as part of the access technology seminar, we hosted sessions on academic
ebooks, Pearson's accessible equation editor, and how to build sites
accessibly in Drupal and WordPress.

We've also been busy planning the next few accessibility boutiques. The July
boutique on WordPress was already on the books, and we have now added one on
"Testing Accessibility with NVDA" on August 11, and another on "Accessible
Websites Made Accessibly: An Introduction to Drupal," on September 26. The
boutiques are held in Baltimore at the National Federation of the Blind
Jernigan Institute with support from the Maryland Department of Disability
through a Nonvisual Accessibility Initiatives grant. For more information,
please visit https://nfb.org/free-accessibility-training-boutiques

Finally, because nothing refreshes the mind like a new piece of technology
to try out, the team has written a two-part blog post on the BrailleNote
Touch. If you are curious about what was arguably one of the most
anticipated releases of the year, head over to the blog for a matched set of
informed opinions.

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NFB Calendar

Upcoming Events

May 23-August 26, 2016: NFB BELL Academy held at forty-six sites throughout
the nation. More information at https://nfb.org/bell-academy

July 31-August 6: NFB EQ (second iteration)

August 2-6: NFB EQ teacher cohort

August 18-25: WBU-ICEVI General Assembly, Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando,
Florida, www.wbu-icevi2016.org

State Conventions

- September 9-11

West Virginia
- September 8-11

North Carolina
- September 16-18

North Dakota
- September 17

- September 24

- September 24

- October 1-2

- September 30-October 2

- September 30-October 2

- October 7-8

- October 7-9

- October 7-9

- October 7-9

- October 7-9

- October 7-9

District of Columbia
- October 12-15

- October 14-16

Rhode Island
- October 14-15

- October 14-16

- October 21-23

- October 28-30

- October 28-30

- October 28-29

- October 28-30

- October 28-30

New York
- October 28-30

South Carolina
- October 28-30

- October 29

- November 4-6

- November 4-6

- November 4-6

- November 4-6

New Jersey
- November 10-13

- November 11-13

- November 11-13

- November 11-13

- November 11-13

Puerto Rico
- November 19

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It is not blindness that is to be feared but rather the low expectations and
misconceptions about blindness. We have walked alone and marched together;
we have tested the possibilities and we have not found the limits; we have
faced the fear and we have transformed it to hope-we are the National
Federation of the Blind.

- Mark A. Riccobono. " The Understanding of Fear and the Power of Progress
." 2016 NFB National Convention, Orlando, Florida, July 5, 2016. 

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Archive of Straight Talk About Vision Loss videos

National Center for Blind Youth in Science

Access Technology Tips


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Access Technology

Voice of the Nation's Blind

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