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They have asked that this be widely distributed and would like to 
have some NFB applicants.


>Society for the Blind, located in Sacramento California, has been 
>providing individuals living with blindness or low vision training, 
>tools, and mentorship to achieve empowerment and independence for 
>over sixty years.  Our organization is currently seeking 
>experienced, qualified candidates for an open Orientation & Mobility 
>Instructor position.  A description of the job is provided 
>below.  This position is full-time (40 hours per week), and it 
>includes a competitive compensation and benefits 
>package.  Interested applicants may email cover letters and resumes 
>to Shane Snyder, Director of Programs, at 
><mailto:ssnyder at societyfortheblind.org>ssnyder at societyfortheblind.org. 
>The position will remain open until filled.  No phone calls, 
>please.  Thank you for your interest!
>Job Title:                                             Orientation & 
>Mobility Instructor
>Classification:                   Non-Exempt/Full-Time
>Reports to:                                         Director of Programs
>General Description: The essential function of the job is to teach 
>students how to travel safely, efficiently, and independently in 
>their homes, workplaces, community, and beyond.
>    * Instruct students in the proper use of the long, white cane 
> and other mobility aids to travel safely, efficiently, and independently.
>    * Introduce students to and teach them in the use of non-visual 
> methods and strategies for orientation and mobility.
>    * Using the Structure Discovery Method, Provide real world 
> opportunities to practice and reinforce non-visual skills and 
> techniques for safe, efficient, and independent travel.
>    * Instruct students in how to safely, locate, detect, and 
> negotiate stairways including ascending/descending, fall 
> prevention/recovery, and checking for hazards.
>    * Conduct training in non-visual techniques for safely crossing 
> both controlled and uncontrolled intersections including strategies 
> for negotiating high traffic roadways.
>    * Teach students how to safely and effectively utilize public 
> transportation, including:  route and trip planning; locating 
> transit stops and transportation hubs; and boarding/exiting busses, 
> trains, airplanes and other vehicles. Instruct students in how to 
> safely and effectively negotiate escalators, elevators, revolving 
> doors, and other challenges encountered when traveling.
>    * Teach students how to locate, use, and navigate safely and 
> efficiently busy public facilities such as shopping malls, 
> stadiums, airports, hospitals, college campuses, etc.
>    * Create tactile and auditory maps and instruct students in 
> their proper use.
>    * Evaluate students' functional, physical and mental 
> capabilities, as related to mobility and orientation.
>    * Determine individual students' need for physical conditioning.
>    * Stay current in areas of responsibility.
>    * Address and conduct workshops for interested groups as requested.
>1.       Maintain thorough, complete and timely ongoing weekly and 
>monthly record    keeping of client services; including, but not 
>limited to case notes, lesson notes, evaluations, progress reports, 
>and correspondence.
>2.       Documents immediately and thoroughly any student falls or 
>other accidents that occur during training.
>Team Building and Networking
>    * Present client issues to supervisor and contribute to ongoing 
> problem solving of such issues while maintaining appropriate confidentiality.
>    * Consult with other professionals, family members or other 
> appropriate parties regarding the progress and problems of the students.
>    * Participate in individual case conferences and confer 
> regularly with program staff on multi-disciplinary service team 
> concerning client's program and adjustment to blindness or vision loss.
>    * Maintain positive and professional relations with counselors 
> of Department of Rehabilitation and other agencies as well as 
> Society students, staff, and volunteers.
>    * Coordinate effective client service with third-party 
> counselors, such as Department of Rehabilitation.
>Other Duties:
>    * Attend all staff and department meetings
>    * Adhere to all Society policies and procedures
>    * Obtain training to enhance job requirements
>    * Other duties as required
>    * A minimum of two years working experience.
>    * Master's Degree in Orientation & Mobility or related field.
>    * COMS or NOMC certification in O&M instruction.
>    * Ability to stand and walk for at least seven hours per day
>    * Sufficient stamina to walk distances of up to two miles at a time
>    * Ability to safely descend stairs backward and ahead of 
> students to lend any necessary support and to help prevent falls.
>    * Sufficient strength to support the weight of adult students in 
> case of stumbling or falling.
>    * Proficiency in English grammar, usage, and mechanics
>    * Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills.
>    * Strong computer skills, including proficiency in MS Office - 
> Word, Excel, Outlook & Internet Explorer.
>Shane Snyder
>Director of Programs
>Society for the Blind
>1238 S Street
>Sacramento, CA 95811
>Direct Line: (916) 889-7588
>SFTB Main Phone: (916) 452-8271
>Fax: (916) 492-283
>Email: <mailto:ssnyder at societyfortheblind.org>ssnyder at societyfortheblind.org
>Website: societyfortheblind.org
>Our mission is to empower individuals who are blind or have low 
>vision to live productively and independently by building confidence 
>through training, tools, and mentorship.

         David Andrews and long white cane Harry.
E-Mail:  dandrews at visi.com or david.andrews at nfbnet.org
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