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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Tue Jun 30 02:42:45 UTC 2015

A member has asked that we circulate the following survey request.

David Andrews

>From: "Alex Cohen" <ahc43 at drexel.edu>

My name is Alex Cohen and I am a member of the NFB Keystone Chapter in
Philadelphia.  I am a doctoral student in marketing at Drexel
University and my research revolves around creating a more inclusive
marketplace for the blind. Last year you helped me distribute my survey
about the retail environment to the national membership, and I was
hopeful you could help me once again.

I have two studies about online accessibility. The first is about
sports fans and their behavior online, specifically relating to their
online experience with their favorite team's official website.
We have evaluated the official websites for all of the professional
sports teams, top 50 NCAA football and basketball programs, and a large
sample of international soccer teams, and have found them all to be
 >quite far from acceptable conformance standards for accessibility.

>Welcome and thank you for agreeing to take part in our survey.
>We would like to know about your thoughts and opinions about being a sports
>fan, and your experience with using your favorite team's official website.
>Before we even start, can we invite you to visit your favorite professional
>or collegiate team's official website? This way the accessibility of the
>website and ease of navigation will be fresh in your mind. You can do that
>through www.nfl.com, www.nba.com, www.mlb.com, www.nhl.com, or your favorite
>collegiate team's official website. After that, please take our survey
>through the following link:
>A donation will be made to the St. Lucy Day School for Visually Impaired
>Children for each completed survey.
>Thanks a lot for your participation!
>If you have any difficulty with the survey, please contact Alex Cohen at
>ahc43 at drexel.edu.

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